county route; annwood; monument; rawreth barn; ivydene; mayrose; ashdale; turnpike; 
hawk hill; curry hill; hoe; laceys; canon barns; exchange; st peter's way; downhouse; 
sir hughes; chelwater



longways duple improper (reverse progression)                 32 bar polka

[]   Do-si-do neighbour;  Swing neighbour, face across

[]   Promenade across; 1st couple half-figure-eight down

[]   Turn contra corners (with current 2’s below and the 2’s above)

[]   1st couple right-hand turn and fall back into lines (improper)

     WHILE 2nd couple cast up one place, cross over, and cast down one place;

     All star through (with partner) and circle left halfway with the couple you are now facing


4-couple becket  32 bar polka

[]   In lines of four, reel halfway (pass partner left shoulder to start); Swing partner

[]   With opposite couple, Ladies Chain halfway; Flutter-wheel

[]   Middle men cross, passing left shoulder, then middle ladies cross, passing right


     In fours, star right

[]   Do-si-do opposite person; In fours, right-and-left halfway

Progression: men coulter-clockwise; ladies clockwise

Canon Barns 

longways 4 couples 32 bar reel

[]   Top couple cross and cast down 2 places and cross below 3rd place and dance up to  

      2nd place    WHILE bottom 2 couples do complete right & left (4 changes) starting

      with partners.  NB: 1st couple will be crossing between 4s and 3s as they cross with

       partners second time.

[]   At both ends, star right;  Middle four star left

[]   In lines of four, reel up and down own side

      (start by dancers at ends of the lines passing their neighbour right shoulder)

[]   Couple now at the top (original 2s) make arch as do 3rd couple, other 2 couples lead

      up under one arch;  2s maintain arch:  1st couple cast to the bottom as 4th couple  

      followed by 3rd couple lead up through the arch and cast down to end 2 3 4 1


longways 4 couples (3s & 4s improper)            32 bar reel

[]   At both ends, star right; Middle four star left

[]   Huntsman reels (see notes below)

[]   Middle neighbours continue to start dolphin reels (see below) up or down the lines

      halfway (start passing left shoulder); Lines forward and back

[]   At ends, right-and-left halfway (i.e. 2 changes); Middle four right-and-left halfway (i.e. 2 changes)

reel of three (or a “hey”) involves three individual dancers looping around each other in figures of eight.  If the middle dancer is a couple (so there are 4 dancers in total) working as a single unit, there are several possibilities – including:

Tandem reel (with one of the couple leading, the other follows closely behind without overtaking at any stage).

Dolphin reel: As tandem reel, but when the couple reach the end of the line, the following dancer turns in front of partner to become the leading dancer in the opposite direction.

Huntsman reel: As tandem reel, but the “couple” consist of the middle neighbours, moving through the nearer end couple in the direction from which they emerge from the star.  The “couple” will end on the sides, but in each other’s starting place.

In all of these cases, the other two dancers perform the reel of three, treating the couple as a single person.

County Route   

square set            32 bar american reel


[]   Grand Square

[]   Reverse Grand Square

[]   Do-si-do Corner; Do-si-do Partner

[]   Promenade (complete)


[]   Head Couples go forward to meet and fall back to place;

      Same couples Ladies’ Chain halfway, ending with roll away with half sashay

[]   Head Couples Star Through with Partner and face Side Couple,  all balance;

      Swing the person you face to end in lines of four on the sides

[]   Lines go forward and back; Original Head Couples cross-trail through, all face

      Partner (Heads have changed partners)

[]   Grand Chain halfway (Head men finish in opposite places,  Head Ladies finish at home);  Swing


Chorus ... Heads lead ... Sides lead ... Chorus ... Heads lead ... Sides lead ... Chorus

Curry Hill  

square set            32 bar american reel


[]   Heads go forward and back WHILE Sides balance;

      Heads pass-the-ocean and balance WHILE Sides swing

[]   Heads TARGE to home positions WHILE Sides promenade around the outside

[] []   Repeat A1/2 with Sides leading


[]   Heads pass through and cast round two to lines of 4; Lines go forward and back

[] []   SPURTLE

[]   Active couple cast back to place

     WHILE others do-si-do partner and swing to home positions

Sequence: Chorus – 1st couple lead – 2nd couple lead – chorus – 3rd couple lead – 4th couple lead – chorus.

Targe:  Leading ladies (i.e. Heads first time, Sides second time) turn ¾ with left hand WHILE their partners move clockwise around them (¼), these same dancers turn partner with right hand; repeat but ending with right-hand turn

Spurtle: This is a series of half-reels across the set.  Active couple start with 2nd couple (in longways set) with Actives passing right shoulder, then Actives do right-hand turn in centre, moving down; Repeat with 3rd couple; then with 4th; Then all cross over with opposite person and set


longways 4 couples (3s & 4s improper)            64 bar reel

[]   Ends balance, cross and cast to lines across; In fours, right & left halfway with opposite couple

[]   Bomb-burst from Square, lead in;

      Middles star right halfway WHILE Ends balance and cross (giving right hands)

[] []   Repeat A1/2 to places

[]   Ladies Dog-Leg reel; In fours, left-hand star

[]   Men Dog-leg reel; Two-hand turn partner

[]   Lines go forward & back; Middle men cross, middle ladies cross

[]   Lines go forward and back; Set and turn single


square set            48 bar polka

[]   Leading couple swing

[]   Leading couple promenade around outside of set to place

[]   Leading couple do-si-do right shoulder individually with right-hand couple; then left

      shoulder with left-hand couple

[]   Leading couple and couple opposite Right-and-Left through

[] []   These two couples right-hand star ¾, all four gather first person of opposite sex (“parcel”), 

         continue star, dropping “parcel” on opposite side, then continue ¾ to own place

Sequence: Each couple lead in turn; then Heads simultaneously; then Sides simultaneously

Hawk Hill   
square set            32 bar american reel
[]   Circle left halfway; all in to centre and out
[]   Repeat A1
[]   Four Ladies Star Chain (full)
[]   Balance & Swing
[]   Heads lead in, set; then gypsy opposite person
[]   Dolphin reels across the set, starting with Head Men passing Side Lady by the right
      shoulder and Head Ladies following their partner
[]   Heads star right;  Turn Corner with left-hand
[]   Promenade Corner to Men’s home positions (progression)
Sequence:  Chorus,  Heads Lead (twice), Chorus,  Sides lead (twice),  Chorus

4 couple becket            32 bar minuet
[]   With opposite couple, two changes (Right & Left) halfway, then from this position
      continue with 4 changes of a Grand Chain (so end dancers start going across the 
      ends WHILE others start crossing with middle neighbours), then with opposite
      couple, two changes (Right & Left) halfway.

      This is quicker than it seems – one change per bar

[]   Middle four star right and left
       WHILE ends lead out and turn with a california twirl, set and lead in
[]   In lines of four, 6 changes of a hey, then two-hand turn the next person
[]   Lines go forward and back; Swing new partner

longways 3 couples 40 bar jig
[]   Middle man crosses up through top couple for half reel-of-three across;
      then middle lady joins in front of her partner for half dolphin reel across
[]   Middle couple move down for half dolphin reel across with bottom couple;
      middle man drops out WHILE middle lady continues with half reel-of-three across
[]   Three-handed left-hand stars (middle lady with top couple and middle man with
       bottom couple); Middle couple turn with right hand to 2nd place proper.
[]   Bottom four lead up centre and cast down All turn partner with two-hand turn
[]   Top four lead down centre and cast up; All swing
Optionally, omit the turn in B2 and let the two casting moves flow into each other (across the music) and then swing.


circle 5 couples            40 bar reel

[]   Grand Chain 4 places (start facing partner, end facing original corner);

      Set, right-hand turn (with original corner) ¾ to star-shape with ladies in centre

[]   Ladies star left WHILE men chase around outside clockwise; Turn corner 1½ with right hand

[]   Men star left WHILE ladies chase around outside clockwise;

      Turn corner with right-hand into promenade position

[]   Promenade to men’s home positions (progression)

[]   All into the centre and back; Swing


longways 6 or 12 couples            32 bar jig

All EVEN number couples improper

[]   Hold hands in lines of 3: slip left to face new line (curling clockwise if at ends), set right & left; join in circle of six and circle left

[]   Repeat A1, moving to next line of three

[]   Facing across: Cross with person diagonally to the right (if you can); then cross diagonally left (if you can); Repeat (two more crossings)

[]   In foursomes, full ladies’ chain

For 6 couples, dancers end at home.

With 12 couples, the set finishes inverted


Easier version:

[]   slip left; two-hand turn opposite person

[]   same again

[]   diagonal left cross, then right, then left, then right

[]   ladies’ chain


circle of 4 couple longways sets            32 bar hornpipe

Men are on outside

[]   All eight in the set circle left and right

[]   Still holding hands in circle, head couple move down centre of set and go under arch made by 4th couple; then head couple break circle and bring the lines up outside to place (4th couple will need to twist at end of this figure)

[]   Head couple start progressive dip & dive by arching over 2nd couple; all end in original places.

[]   Head couple lead down to bottom of set and make an arch.  Others, with 2nd couple leading, go under arch of couple above (who become 4th couple in this set)

Rawreth Barn 

big circle            32 bar jig

[]   Do-si-do partner and swing

[]   In big circle, all advance to centre and retire; then ladies only advance, turn and come back to form ocean wave (or alamo ring) holding partner’s right hand and neighbour’s left

[]   “Rory O’More”: Balance right and left, then slide to right, passing partner, and reform ring; Balance left and right, and slide left to place

[]   Right-hand turn with partner;  gypsy left with neighbour, pass partner by right shoulder to face new partner

Option: Start the dance on A2 and so end with the swing

Sir Hughes  

horseshoe 5 couples 32 bar polka

[]   Dishrag: All hold hands.  Two dancers at the bottom make an arch, top couple lead all down under arch, twist away from each other (under own arms) and come back to top over the other dancers.  Throughout this figure, nobody lets go hands.

[]   All with partners: In-line siding (right shoulder), set right and left, turn single

[]   Top couple turn to couple on their right, others face couple diagonally on their left:  Half right-and-left (one end couple is neutral); 

      Repeat, new top couple facing to left, others to right

[]   New top couple arm right and left WHILE couples on sides do same with opposites

St Peter’s Way 

longways becket  32 bar american reel

[]   Ladies dance figure-of-eight around their men, starting by passing each other by the right shoulder

[]   Men gate their partners round into ... Ladies Chain halfway

[]   Men cast left and orbit anti-clockwise halfway; Swing partner

[]   Circle left halfway, break hold with other couple and slide to the left (progression);

      Long lines go forward and back                


longways 4 couples (3s & 4s improper)            48 bar american reel

[]   Lines go forward and back; 1st couple gallop to bottom of set

[]   Lines go forward and back; 1st couple gallop back to top of set

[]   In fours at both ends, right-hand star once round (to end with 1s and 3s facing

      Ladies’ wall and 2s and 4s facing Men’s wall); Chase out towards facing wall into lines

      of 4 across the hall, turn single out and end facing up or down

[]   In fours at both ends, left-hand star once round (to end facing up or down);

      Chase out to lines of 4, turn single out and face across

[]   Middle men pass neighbour by left shoulder, turn back to make right-hand star,

      gathering partner (into texas star, but “improper”) and rotating until 1st couple are

       back at the top of the set (as a square set)

[]   Swing partner; Couples in Head positions go forward a double and Ladies’ Chain

      halfway WHILE Sides set and cross with partner

The set is now going across the room in the order 3142, with 2s at the “top” ... so the set has rotated anti-clockwise.

Options in B1 & B2:

v      Omit the turn singles, and just turn to face in the approriate direction in lines of 4

v      Replace the turn singles with mini-casts from both ends of the lines

horatio; chelweaver; black diamond run; trip to hastings; asbo; surrey post; cornice; sumpters way; grand fete; strings; herbie's delight; 
staggered reel; jessica's whirligig; st george & the dragon; reeves corner; rochford romp; canadian pacific 8-4-3; canadian pacific c-4-4; sheepskin boots


sicilian circle            32 bar hornpipe

[A]   In allemande hold, promenade around other couple 1½

[S]   Swing partner and face next couple

[B]   Back-to-back (do-si-so) with contrary; same with partner

[O]   In fours, circle left and right


Black Diamond Run  

longways 4 couples (2s & 4s improper)            32 bar reel

variation on “Kimberley Black Diamond Run” by Keith Wright

[]   Top (“Active”) couple lead to bottom (holding right hands);

     then balance & box the gnat WHILE other couples two-hand turn

[]   Active couple weave up the lines (start going outside) to top;

     then two-hand turn WHILE other couples balance and box the gnat

[]   All eight circle loft halfway; In fours, star left halfway and turn single

[]   Current top couple cast to bottom WHILE others lead up one place;

     All swing neighbour along the line

Canadian Pacific 8-4-3  

square set            32 jig

“True Square” formed by couples shifting left.

variation on Keith Wright’s “Canadian Pacific Dream”

[]   Reels of 3 up and down

     (spare dancers move forward and back and either do-si-do or change places)

[]   Same across

[]   4 Ladies star chain (full)

[]   Pull by partner (left hand), balance and swing the next

If taking do-si-do option, men progress one place counter-clockwise and ladies one place clockwise;  if taking the change places option, the pattern is a little more complicated


Canadian Pacific C-4-4 

square set 6 couples 32 bar jig

“True Square” formed by couples shifting left.

[]   Reels of 4 across

     (remaining dancers Right & Left Through, starting with person opposite)

[]   Same up and down

[]   In the corners, three-handed stars right and left

[]  Men honour partner and pass by left shoulders to progress; then ladies do likewise



square set            64 bar american reel

[]   Allemande left with corner;

      Weave half-way (start by passing partner by the right shoulder)

[]   Do-si-do partner; Swing partner

[] [] [] []   Grand Weave

[]   Four Ladies Star Chain (complete)

[]   Promenade half-way (to home position); Swing partner

Second time through:  Reverse Grand Weave

Repeat all

The Grand Weave

... in 8-bar phrases

[1-2] Ladies loop clockwise around their corner and stand behind him;

[3-4] Men pass across the set (all at the same time), followed by the ladies (who allow man from right to cross between her and the man she is following);

[5-6] Men turn to face the ladies and star through;

[7-8] Promenade one place around the set (men on the inside), and square the set

Repeat three times.

The Reverse Grand Weave

[1-2] Men loop counter-clockwise around their corner and stand behind her;

[3-4] Ladies pass across the set (all at the same time), followed by the men (who allow lady from left to cross between him and the lady he is following);

[5-6] Ladies turn to face the men and star through;

[7-8] Promenade one place around the set (men on outside), and square the set

Repeat three times.



chevron 4 couples 32 bar march

Chevron set for four couples (arranged around a corner, with 3 dancers on the inside angle and 5 on the outside angle)

[]   Four middle dancers star right & left WHILE dancers at ends do right hand turn & left-hand turn (this may be with partner or with corner)

[]   The three pairs of same-sex diagonal dancers set and cross WHILE the 2 extreme dancers set and turn single; Repeat to home places

[]   Grand Chain three movements (start right-hand with partner);

      two-hand turn the next person (new partner)

[]   With this new partner, do-si-do and swing


Grand Fete 

square set            48 bar jig

[]   Heads star right half-way and chase outside the set half-way (men clockwise and ladies counter-clockwise) to finish at home position improper

      WHILE Sides chase first, then star left halfway

[]   Heads star left half-way etc ...

[]   Heads balance and swing WHILE Sides Ladies Chain (complete)

[]   Heads Ladies Chain (complete) WHILE Sides balance and swing

[]   Allemande left with Corner; Face partner for Grand Chain half-way

[]   Promenade three-quarters (to end one position counter-clockwise around the Square from original position); All in to the centre and back


Herbie’s Delight 
becket threesomes            32 bar reel
[]   Lines go forward a double, then in sixsomes circle left and fall back to place
[]   Men do full reel of three across the set with their right-hand partner and her
     opposite (start by man passing that opposite lady by the left shoulder)
[]   In original threes, reel along the set half-way (start by men passing their left-hand partner by the left shoulder); Men then move counter-clockwise outside the set to the next man’s place WHILE ladies do-si-do the lady behind them (i.e. from the neighbouring threesome, in the “corner” position)
[]   Men swing their new right-hand partner WHILE other ladies do right-hand turn 1½ with the lady diagonally opposite (i.e. on the right diagonal)

longways 3 couples 40 bar reel
[]   Active (top) couple face down and hold nearer hands:  lead down to middle place and florida twirl to face up; Teapots (Active man right-hand star on ladies’ side WHILE active lady left-hand star on men’s side)
[]   Active couple lead up to top and cast down to invert the set (3rd and 2nd couples following), active couple cast up to middle place.
[]   Active man and 2nd couple reel half-way across the top of the set (start with men passing left shoulder); Active man collects partner in promenade hold to continue the reel
[]   Active couple (still in promenade hold) continue to reel across with 3rd couple (start by passing 3rd man right shoulder) half-way; Active man drops out in middle place (proper) WHILE active lady continues the reel to end in middle place (proper)
[]   Lines set, all cross (passing right shoulder);  Circle left half-way
Florida Twirl:  This is a California Twirl using the opposite hands (Florida is “opposite” California coastwise).  Inventing the name is probably the closest I’ll get to the Disney State.
Teapots:  This is the term I use for three-handed stars which are going in opposite directions.  Other callers may use it differently.
Jessica’s Whirligig 
longways duple proper (double progression)            32 bar polka
[]   Whirligig progression, face next couple (first progression)
[]   1st Corners do-si-do WHILE 2nd Corners set and turn single;
     1st Corners chase clockwise half-way to change places 
     WHILE 2nd Corners do-si-do
[]   1st Corners left-hand turn WHILE 2nd Corners chase clockwise half-way to change places; 1st Corners set and turn single WHILE 2nd Corners left-hand turn.
[]   1st couple do half-figure-eight through couple below (this is the second progression); 2nd couple same through 1st couple above.
Whirligig progression:
1- 2      1s right-hand turn three-quarters as 2s left-hand turn three-quarters, end in promenade hold with 1s facing Mens side & 2s facing Ladies side
3- 6      1s & 2s promenade round (Men keeping left shoulder to left shoulder)
7- 8      2s left-hand turn to own side (2nd place) & dance up to 1st place
           WHILE 1s left-hand turn moving down to 2nd place on own side

Reeves Corner

longways 3 couples 32 bar jig

Active dancers are 1st man and 3rd lady (1st long corners)

[]   Active dancers left-hand turn once-and-a-half WHILE others set and cast

      individually one place up (men) or down (ladies);

      Three-handed star right half-way (i.e. 1st man with 2nd and 1st ladies, 3rd lady with 2nd and 3rd men) and active dancers chase clockwise to their home places followed by the other two in their star.

[]   Active dancers repeat the figure with others casting down (men) or up (ladies) – this time, the stars will be same-sex dancers, and all end in home places.

[]   1st couple cross over, cast down one place, cross over and cast to bottom

[]   All swing partner


Rochford Romp   

longways duple improper            32 bar american reel

[]   1st couple do full figure-of-eight around 2nd couple

[]   2nd couple same around 1st couple

[]   Ladies Chain (complete) up and down the set

[]   Chain & Turn

Chain & Turn:
1-4               1st Corners right-hand turn three-quarters to end in diagonal line between 
            2nd corners, 
 Left-hand turn half-way with same-sex neighbour

5-8      2nd Corners right-hand turn once-and-a-quarter to progressed positions.


Sheepskin Boots   

longways 3 couples 32 bar reel

[]   Lines go forward and back; Turn with partner once round (see sequence below),

      leading into

[]   Sheepskin Hey (see sequence below)

[]   ... continued

[]   ... then top couple swing to bottom, and all swing partners


1: Right-hand turn followed by men hey, led by original 1st man

2: Left-hand turn followed by ladies hey, led by original 2nd lady

3: Right-hand turn followed by men hey, led by original 3rd man

4: Left-hand turn followed by ladies hey, led by original 1st lady

5: Right-hand turn followed by men hey, led by original 2nd man

6: Left-hand turn followed by ladies hey, led by original 3rd lady

Sheepskin Hey:

Working line weaves down and up standing line twice, then casts down outside and up on own side to place.  When weaving, the person currently last in line loops around middle person so becoming first in line weaving the other way.


St George And The Dragon

longways 5 couples 32 bar reel

All except top couple take “coach & horses” hold: promenade hold but with partners holding hands behind their backs

[]   1st lady chases counter-clockwise around the set followed (pursued) by the other four couples (so to be accurate, the 1st lady is not chasing, but you know what I mean)

[]   1st man chases clockwise around the set followed (pursued) by the other four


[]   1st man charges down the centre of the set as other couples fall back to their own sides; 1st lady advances down the centre and rewards her man with a kiss

[]   All swing partner


Staggered Reel  

square set            48 bar reel

[]   First couple lead across the set, through 3rd couple, separate and cast round outside to place

[]   Side couples Right & Left Through and back again, Head couples same after 2 bars (i.e. between Side Couples)

[]   Side couples Ladies’ Chain (complete), Head couples same after 2 bars

[]   Side couples cross with arches and back (Second couple under first),

      Head couples same after 2 bars (First couple under first)

[]   Side couples star left three-quarters, then star right half-way with nearer Head couple, then Head couples star left three-quarters to progressed positions

[]   All swing partner



longways 5 couples 32 bar polka

[]   Men thread the needle

[]   Ladies thread the needle

[]   Top couple shuck the corn (easier option: break the chicken’s neck)

[]   Top couple gallop to bottom of set; All swing partner

Thread the needle:

Join hands in circle, top couple break hold (but keep hold of neighbour’s hand).  Top two ladies make arch and top man leads everybody through the arch and clockwise round the outside back to place (A1) ... or

Top two men make arch and top lady leads everybody through the arch and counter-clockwise round the outside back to place (A2)

Shuck The Corn:

Join hands in circle (unbroken); bottom couple make arch and top couple lead everybody through, then the top couple twist away from each other to come back over the heads of the other dancers – nobody lets go hands at any point! (Bottom couple will need to twirl to avoid their arms being wrenched from their sockets)

Break The Chicken’s Neck:

This is the same as Shuck The Corn, except that the top couple let go hands after going under the bottom couple’s arch, and bring the lines round the outside back to place.  

Sumpters Way 

longways 6 couples 48 bar jig

Dancing as though in two 3-couple sets

[]   Bottom couple lead to top and cast down to middle place;

      Lines go forward and back

[]   Three-hand star right (middle ladies with couple above and middle men with couple below); Middle dancers cross for left-hand star with other couple

[]   New bottom couple lead to top and cast down to middle place;

      Lines go forward and back

[]   Reels of three across the set (middle man with couple above and middle lady with couple below, start by passing right shoulder)

Dancing as one 6-couple set

[]   Top couple cast to bottom and make arch WHILE others follow and lead up through the arch to progressed positions

[]   Swing partner


Surrey Post 

longways 4 couples (1s & 3s improper)            48 bar jig

variation on Roy Clowes’ “Postie’s Jig”

[]   In fours, star right and left

[]   In same fours, men cross then ladies cross; Couples now at ends turn partner (two-hands) WHILE middle men cross and middle ladies cross

[] []   Middle couples do “postie” figure, arching when coming from men’s side or from bottom of set (end persons gate the actives round, i.e. facing in the same direction as the active person)

[]   In fours, right & left (complete)

[]   In lines along the set, reel of four

      (start with middle neighbours passing right shoulder)

Trip To Hastings 

longways triple proper  32 bar jig

[]   Active (top) couples cross and cast to 2nd place;

      Active couple do half-figure-of-eight through 3rd couple

[]   Active couple do half-figure-eight through 2nd couple;

      Active couple two-hand turn and fall back to middle places (improper) and face

      first corners (on the right)

[]   Active dancers pass 1st corners (right shoulder), then cross diagonally with partner (giving left hands) WHILE others pass their neighbours (giving left hands);

     Active dancers pass their current neighbour along the line (left shoulder), lines fall back

[]  All cross over; turn to right and chase clockwise half-way, all set

Note: In the B1 figure, the passes are right-left-left.


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