western exchange; shadows; banwood reel; boreham interchange; libzi loop;
double interchange; all wright; wright enough; time for teacup; widsith;
river crossing; dinkie ella; cincinnati rag; claygate; reel of richard o'shea; bhetty's waltz; brudmarsch; jarna; erkenwyne; tango caliente

All Wright  
longways 3 couples 48 bar jig
[]   Top 2 couples “capstan”
[]   Corners Pass & Turn
[]   Lines fall back, come forward; 
     On right diagonal, cross (passing right), all cross (right shoulder) with person opposite
[]   Cross on right diagonal, then straight across; and again
[]   All cast to the right to invert lines (casts led by 3rd man & 2nd lady);
     Pass through (with partner) and take hands in lines, facing out, dixie twirl (arch at right-hand
      end of line) and lead in
[]   Three-handed stars right (active man up, active lady down);
      Active couple swing and end proper WHILE others right-hand turn partners
Capstan:  right-hand turn with partners half-way, right-hand star halfway, complete right-hand turn with partners
Pass & Turn:  Active couple loop around 1st corners WHILE those 1st corners turn each other with the right-hand.  Repeat with 2nd corners

Banwood Reel  

longways 4 couples 32 bar reel

[] []   Reel-of-four Chain

[]       Top man zig-zags to bottom place (improper) changing with relevant dancers

          WHILE top lady waits 2 bars and zig-zags to bottom place (improper)

[]        All do-si-do and swing partner (end proper)

Reel-of-four Chain: 1st man and 2nd lady right-hand turn three-quarters, each ending in neighbour’s position WHILE 1st lady and 2nd man cast one place down/up AND 3rd & 4th couples do similarly;  Then those in the middle places of the lines change giving left-hands WHILE those at the ends of the lines set. 

Repeat from new positions (three times) to end back in home positions.


Bhetty’s Waltz     

longways 3 couples 32 bar waltz (+5 bar finale)

[]   1st couple cross down to start hey on opposite sides

[]   1st couple cross down to start hey on own sides

[]   Top 2 couples Chain-And-Turn

[]   Bottom 2 couples Chain-And-Turn

Repeat twice

[5]   Set, turn single and honour

Chain-And-Turn: 1st man and 2nd lady turn right-hand three-quarters to a diagonal line between their partners, then half-turn same-sex neighbour with the left hand to put 1st lady and 2nd man in centre (4 bars).

1st lady and 2nd man turn right-hand once-and-a-quarter and fall back to progressed places (4 bars).

In B2, 1st man starts the figure with the 3rd lady.*

*or try the Rachel Bending Variation:  the second Chain-And-Turn is “reverse”, started by 1st lady and 3rd man turning left-hand three-quarters


Boreham Interchange

4 couple becket            48 bar reel

[]   Lines go forward and back twice

[]   With opposite couple, Ladies Chain (and back)

[]   Two couples on right diagonal, right-and-left halfway;

     All right-and-left halfway with couple opposite

[]   In fours, star left and right

[]   Interchange reel

[]   Balance and swing partner

Interchange reel: In lines, do a reel of four, starting by passing current partner by the right shoulder.  On the left-shoulder crossing, the two dancers on the inside track pass and turn back to the right to continue on the other side.  At the end of the reel, all dancers will be diagonally opposite to where they started it.

Variation: omit second forward and back and do Ladies Chain across A1/A2 etc (This allows for a more leisurely dancing of the Interchange reel)



longways 4 couples 32 bar march

[]   1st man and 2nd lady step and honour to the right and turn single left, catching right hands on last note of bar WHILE 3rd man and 4th lady do likewise;


     These same dancers cross (i.e. right-hand turn halfway), then 1st man and 4th lady do full left-hand turn

[]   1st lady and 2nd man step and honour to the left and turn single right, catching left hands on last note of bar WHILE 3rd lady and 4th man do likewise;

     These same dancers cross (i.e. left-hand turn halfway), then 1st lady and 4th man do full right-hand turn

[]   At both ends of set, half-double-figure-eight (end couples cast to start)

     Middle couples (original 1s and 4s) three changes of right-and-left WHILE end

      couples two-hand turn

[]   In fours, circle left; All gypsy with partner



Cincinnati Rag 

square set 5 couples 32 bar reel

[]   5th couple balance and swing

     WHILE others circle left (slip step) and pivot and chase clockwise to place

[]   5th couple with 1st couple: three movements of hey, started by ladies passing left

      shoulder, couple now in middle (original 1st couple) right-hand turn three-quarters;

       Repeat with new middle couple and 4th couple

[]   Repeat A2 with new middle couple and 3rd couple; then new middle couple and 2nd couple

[]   New middle couple gypsy left and right

      WHILE others gypsy left with corners then right with partners



longways duple proper  32 bar reel

[]   1st man does figure-of-eight through 2nd couple, picking up 1st lady halfway (and they dance in promenade hold)

[]   1st couple (in promenade hold) do hey across with 2nd couple (who dance individually), with 1st man dropping out halfway leaving 1st lady to complete the hey

      1st couple are now improper

[]   2nd couple gate couple below up and round to place; Then 2nd couple gate couple above down and round to place

[]   1st couple cross and cast (progression); All two-hand turn partner counter-clockwise (the “wrong” way)



Dinkie Ella   

longways 4 couples 32 bar reel

Active couple = 2nd couple

[]   Top couple gate active couple up and round to place, active couple star through and make circle with 3rd couple; 2nd and 3rd couples circle left, active couple pop through 3rd couple’s arch

[]   Bottom couple gate active couple down and round and active couple star through

      WHILE top two couples right-and-left-halfway, starting with  neighbour;

      1st and 2nd couples (middle couples) circle left, active couple pop through 1st couple’s arch

[]   Do-si-do neighbour along the line; Gypsy with partner

[]   All eight circle left halfway;

      Improper couples dance half-figure-eight through couple below


Double Interchange     

longways 4 couples 32 bar polka

[]   In fours, right-hand star; All right-hand turn with neighbour

[]   Interchange reel

[]   Repeat Interchange reel to original places

[]   Top couple cast to bottom as others move up one place; All swing partner

Interchange reel: See description under “Boreham Interchange”



longways 3 couples 48 bar jig

[]   Set and pass through (i.e. pass partner by the right); turn to right and chase halfway

[]   Bottom couple (original 1st) arch up over the other couples and turn to lead down

      under the arches of the other couples (who turn and follow the 1st couple arching up

      and leading down)

[]   Morris hey started by bottom couple (original 1st);

      at end, bottom couple cross and cast up the outside to middle place and...

[]   Man circles right with two ladies WHILE his lady circles left with the two other 

      men; In lines of three, fall back and come forward into circle of six

[]   Men join hands to form circle of three and raise arms to make arches

      WHILE ladies cast out and weave clockwise once around;

[]   Middle couple (original 1st) half-figure-eight through couple at top;

      All do-si-do partner


sicilian circle            32 bar waltz
“Active” couple alternates:
1st time, “Active” couple is the one facing clockwise and “Other” couple is the one facing counter-clockwise
2nd time, “Active” couple is the one facing counter-clockwise and “Other” couple is the one facing clockwise
.. and so on, alternating every time through the dance
[]   (2 bars)  Active couple pass-through (pass opposite person by the right shoulder);
      (4 bars)  Active couple chase clockwise (lady leading) to starting places but on the
      wrong side;
      (2 bars)  All four star right halfway
[]   Other couple do the same (all now in partner’s home position)
[]   Face partner for Ladies Chain across the set, and back again
[]   Face partner and balance forward and back, and star through;
      Circle left half-way, and California twirl to face new couple
Libzi Loop 

progressive quadrille            32 bar reel

[]   With opposite couple, right-and-left halfway; With same couple, Ladies’ Chain...

[]   ...and back; Left-hand turn partner

[]   Interchange reel along the set (across the room),

      start by passing partner left shoulder

[]   Swing; Face opposite couple and set and pass through

Interchange reel:

See description under “Boreham Interchange” .. but note that this reel is across the room and starts with passing left shoulders, so couples who pass right shoulders in middle places are the ones who cross over to the other line.


Reel Of Richard O’Shea   

longways duple improper            32 bar reel

[]   Balance and swing Contrary to end in line of four facing down

[]   Line leads down, turn as couples (wheel half-way) and take two-hand hold;

      Gallop up to end in line of four, facing Contrary

[]   Ricochet reel, end in home places, all proper

[]   1st couple dance half-figure-eight through 2nd couple;

     Symmetrical do-si-do once-and-a-half (start with 1st couple going through 2nd


Ricochet reel:

1st couple do ordinary reel of four across, starting by passing Contrary by the right-shoulder, but after completing three-quarters of the normal reel, move up to 1st place (proper) and turn single away.

2nd couple start passing in to centre, then two-hand push away from each other to move backwards to their starting position; and do this again. 


River Crossing 

progressive quadrille (couples face across room)            32 bar reel

[]   In lines of four, reel across (start by passing neighbour right shoulder)

[]   End couples arch in and balance to centre and star right and then pass through by the right 

     shoulder WHILE middle couples pop under arch to end and swing and face in (having changed


[]   Repeat from new positions

[]   Do-si-do neighbour along the line;

      In fours, circle left halfway and then break the circle and couples slide to left to next set



square set            32 bar reel

Intro, break and finale ad lib


Circle left half-way

Promenade home

Cast A Shadow

Rory: Waves balance, roll to the right

Ladies star right WHILE men zoom and chase counter-clockwise

Left-hand turn partner 1¼ (partner now in Corner position)

Face new partner for Grand Chain (half-way)

Promenade (to men’s home positions)

Cast A Shadow: Starting from two 2-faced lines (so at the end of the promenade, the leading couples step forward to face out WHILE the other couples pivot ¼ to face in.  We now have two lines, each one with a Head couple and a side couple facing in opposite directions) The ends do ½ Zoom, Arm Turn ¾, and Spread, to become the ends of the resulting formation.  The centres facing out Cloverleaf and step in between the casting dancers.  The centres facing in Extend, Hinge, and Extend to fill the vacant spot.

Zoom:  From a setup where one dancer is following another, the lead dancer walks away from the centre and around in a full circle to the position of the dancer who was behind.  Meanwhile, the trailing dancer steps directly forward into the position vacated by the lead dancer.  (NB:  In “Cast A Shadow” the Ladies Zoom half so are now standing side by side)

Arm Turn:  Two dancers side by side and facing opposite directions will have a forearm grip and each will walk forward as per call (in this case ¾).  The pivot point will be between the dancers and they will be moving in a circular direction.

Spread:  The designated dancers spread away from each other to become ends (stay facing the way you end after the Arm Turn)

Cloverleaf:  Designated dancers move away in a ¾ circle (usually done by four dancers, similar to a cloverleaf-turn-single – but in “Cast A Shadow” only two dancers Cloverleaf, and they will end beside their partners in wave formation)

Extend:  Step forward into the next formation

Hinge:  A Hinge is a half of a Trade.  In a Trade, designated dancers walk forward in a half circle, passing each other to end in each other’s position, both facing the opposite direction.  So in a Hinge, dancers walk forward in a quarter circle



Tango Caliente    

longways 4 couples (3s & 4s improper)            32 bar tango

[]   Top 2 couples lead up WHILE bottom two couples lead down, all turn to face partner,

      fall back and dance forward; Gypsy partner once-and-a-half

[]   All lead back to place, turn to face partner, fall back and dance forward;

      Gypsy partner once-and-a-half

[]   End couples cast away and two-hand turn the one you meet (the opposite end 

     person) once-and-a-half WHILE middle four star right and clap twice;

      End couples cast again and two-hand turn partner once-and-a-half

      WHILE middle four star left and clap twice

[]   End couples lead in and circle left half-way WHILE middle couples cast out to 

     ends and turn single away;

     New middle couples right-and-left half-way WHILE ends two-hand turn


Time For Teacup   

square set            48 bar reel

[]   In circle, all go in to centre and back; Circle to the left

[]   Forward and back (again); Circle to the right

[]   Teacup Chain

[]   (continue)

[]   Promenade

[]   Swing

Sequence: Head Ladies lead teacup chain 1st time, Head Men 2nd time,

then Side Ladies, then Side Men

Teacup Chain

Head Ladies right-hand turn ¾ and turn Corner left-hand WHILE Side Ladies turn Corner right-hand and turn each other with left-hand 1¼;

All ladies turn original opposite man with right-hand;

Head Ladies left-hand turn 1¼ and turn last man right-hand WHILE Side Ladies left-hand turn last man and turn each other right-hand ¾

All Ladies return to partner (for the promenade)

When the men lead, start with left hand



Western Exchange  

square set            32 bar american reel

intro, break and finale ad lib


Active couples advance and circle left ¾ and pass through to waves with

     supporting couples.

Spin-chain and exchange the gears.

Men run

Couples Trade

Promenade (to men’s home positions)

Sequence:  Intro – Heads lead twice – Break – Sides lead twice – Finale

Progression: Figure ends with Corner as new partner

Spin-chain and exchange the gears:

From ocean waves: Right-hand turn half-way at ends, middles left-hand turn three-quarters to form new wave WHILE ends U-turn back.  Middles of new wave right-hand turn halfway, at both ends, make left-hand star.  Rotate the star three-quarters, then active ladies lead their stars diagonally past the other line and turn right to move up or down the set.  Active ladies run right to form wave.


The designated dancer moves forward in semi-circle to neighbour’s position WHILE that neighbour slides across.  Couples have changed places and the designated dancer is facing in the opposite direction

Couples Trade:

Couples at both ends of the line exchange places, walking forward in a semi-circle.



longways 4 couples 32 bar reel

[]   Top couple wide-cast to bottom; Then cross up through bottom couple and up 

       outside to second place, and then cross up to home position.

[]   Top couple lead single casts down,

      Turn away and cast back to home positions (as in “Goddesses”)

[]   Top couple dive through arch made by second couple

      WHILE 3rd couple dive through arch made by 4th couple,

      then original top couple arch over original bottom couple;

      In fours, circle left

[]   All eight circle left half-way; All set and cross over with partner


Wright Enough     

longways 3 couples 32 bar jig

[]   Top 2 couples do the “capstan” figure:  right-hand turn with partners half-way,

       right-hand star halfway, complete right-hand turn with partners. 

[]   Pass & Turn:  Active couple loop right around 1st corners WHILE those 1st corners

      turn each other with the right-hand;  Repeat movement with 2nd corners. 

      Active couple end improper 

[]   Lines fall back, come forward; Pass through and take hands in lines, facing out, dixie

      twirl (arch at right-hand end of line)

[]   Three-handed stars right (active lady up, active man down); 

       active couple swing and end proper WHILE others balance and box the gnat


allegretto; dolphinarium; flycatcher; fried chicken; hamble hornpipe; identity parade; jcb swing; judith's waltz; kimbolton castle; libzi jig; odds & evens; patron's tribute; quick brew;
rochford ramblers; scott skinner; sleepers, dance; trip to the railway institute; triple masquerade;
verbum caro
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/cOQkdzK_GQQ


longways 4 couples opening sequence of 2nd movement of Beethoven’s 7th symphony


Lead up and fall back (twice)

Reel-of-four Chain three-quarters

---  Right-hand star


In-line sidings

etc (as [1]





Lines go forward and back (twice)


[Final 2 bars]  Step and honour

Reel-of-four Chain three-quarters: 1st man and 2nd lady right-hand turn three-quarters, each ending in neighbour’s position WHILE 1st lady and 2nd man cast one place down/up AND 3rd & 4th couples do similarly;  Then those in the middle places of the lines change giving left-hands WHILE those at the ends of the lines set. 

Repeat from new positions (twice) to end in progressed positions



square set            48 bar reel

[]   Head couples go forward and back; Then they do-si-do opposites

[] [Star The Route] Head couples star right 3/4 , star left all the way with nearer Side couple, star right halfway in the centre, star left all the way with the other Side couple, star right ¾ in the centre (and stay facing in the direction you are moving)

[]   ---

[]   [Dolphin Swap] Head couples (men leading) go through Side couple on their left to start the “dolphin swap” figure.  Head Ladies have now changed places with the Side ladies who started on their left.

[]   New Side Ladies chain halfway (all now with original Corners); Promenade …

[]   .. to men’s home positions; Swing

Sequence:  Heads lead twice, Sides lead twice.

Dolphin Swap

This is a standard dolphin reel with three differences.

ONE: When the two ladies meet for the first time (this is the third pass in the reel), they quickly do half-turn with right hand and take each other’s place in the reel, pulling by.

TWO: After the fourth pass, the original Side lady, followed by Head man, curls round into Head place.

THREE: Also after the fourth pass, the Side man stays on the right-hand track to turn the original Head lady with the left hand (1½ turns or ½ turn - you choose) and guide her into the next figure 



square set            32 bar american reel

intro, break finale ad lib

[]   Head couples forward and back; Head couples pass the ocean, balance the wave

[]   “Spin a web”

[]   … complete “Spin a web” as couples at Side positions do-si-do;

      All swing current partner

[]   Ladies star chain halfway;

     Men face their home positions and couples right-and-left halfway

Progression:  All men are in home positions with their original Corners

Sequence:  Intro – Heads lead twice – Break – Sides lead twice – Finale

Pass the Ocean:

Facing the opposite couple, pass through.  As they pass, the two ladies catch left hands and turn ¼ WHILE the two men pass and turn to join the ends of a wavy line 

Spin a web:

This figure starts with two couples in a wavy line between two supporting couples who are in home positions.  The ends of the wave turn partner halfway (right-hand), then the two men turn ¾ (left-hand); these two men then break away to make right-hand stars with the nearer supporting couple (three-handed stars).  The stars rotate once and an extra third so that the supporting men are now in the centre.  These two men turn each other ¾ (left-hand).  This completes the figure –but note that in the final turn, the couples now in supporting positions do-si-do.  Then all swing the appropriate dancer to end in square formation.


Fried Chicken   

square set            48 bar american reel

[]   All men start in centre, facing partner. Kentucky promenade (two-hand turn partner halfway, clockwise; two-hand turn corner halfway, clockwise; crossed-hands hold with partner for promenade, twist to change direction at end)

[]   Promenade back (with twist at end); Side couples wheel three-quarters (ladies pivot) WHILE head couples promenade in semi-circle to face in centre then pass right shoulder to face side couple (originally on their left)

[]   Head couple dance figure eight Kentucky style (Half figure-eight; right-hand turn partner; half figure eight; left-hand turn partner)

[]   ---

[]   In same fours, Kentucky do-si-do once only (Left-hand turn with partner halfway, men pass back to back leading with right shoulders, right-hand turn contrary halfway, men pass back to back leading with left shoulders)

[]   Head couples lead through sides and cast out to head positions (men home, ladies opposite); All swing current partner, ending with men in centre

Sequence:  Heads – Sides – Heads - Sides


Hamble Hornpipe  
square set            64 bar hornpipe
[]   Head couples dance (step-hop) around the outside of the set,
      men going clockwise and ladies counter-clockwise (two-hand turn partner when
      meeting half-way round)
[]   Side couples the same
[]   Head couples star right and left (turn outwards when changing from right to left)
[]   Side couples the same
[]   Heads forward to meet, two-hand turn opposite person and lead out between 
      nearer Side couple and cast to original places
[]   Side couples the same (leading through nearer Head couple)
[]   Grand Chain
[]   Swing
Identity Parade    
longwise duple improper (double reverse progression)            32 bar reel
[Enter the scanning booth]
1st couple lead between 2nd couple and cast round them back to place;
2nd couple same through 1st couple
[Enter PIN; Retinal scan]
Face partner: clap own hands, partner’s right, own, partner’s left, Repeat with neighbour;
Gypsy with neighbour
[Fingerprints, DNA]
Face partner: with finger-tip hold, balance forward and back, then star through (now facing in opposite direction); Start weave along the lines, passing four people (begin passing right shoulder)
[Photo; cleared to pass]
Complete the weave, acknowledge the next person and snap fingers;
With this facing couple, circle left half-way and pass through
End effects:
B1 – start weave by passing partner across the set
B2 – acknowledge partner, change places
JCB Swing      
longways duple improper            32 bar jig
[J]   Jamaica figure: Face contrary: join right hands, then left hands, then turn halfway (clockwise) to change places; Repeat with partner
[C]   In fours, circle left and right
[B]   Back-to-back with contrary, then with partner
[]   Swing partner and face next couple
Judith’s Waltz  
longways 5 couples 32 bar waltz
Active Couples are 1st and 3rd
[]   Active couples half-figure eight through couple below;
      Then Active couples lead down past two couples and cast up one place
[]   Star Right (3 at top and bottom, 4 in middle – Active dancers join star to their
      right); Active dancers change places for left-hand stars
[]   Active couples reel (hey) along the centre and fall back on own sides
[]   All circle left half-way; All set and cross over

Kimbolton Castle 

longways 5 couples 32 bar reel

[]   Top 2 couples double-figure-eight ¾, Top couple cast down one place

      WHILE 3rd couple lead up AND 2nd couple (at top) cross over

[]   Active couple repeat from middle place with two couples below

[]   Active couple gallop up centre to top WHILE others move down one place, then

      bottom couple (5th) gallop up; Then new bottom couple (original 4th) gallop up, then new bottom couple (original 3rd) gallop up – others always moving down

[]   In lines, fall back and go forward a double; Set and turn single

The double figure-eight figure is ¾ - so top couple cross down and cast up and cross down WHILE other couple cast up and cross down and cast up.  (The other couple will then cross over the set to end proper)

Optional extra:

During A1, bottom two couples star right and left

During A2, top two couples star right and left


Libzi Jig     

longways 4 couples 32 bar jig

[]   Top couple gallop down the centre and back

[]   Top couples lead single casts down the outside and up the centre

[]   All swing partner and end improper (on the other side)

[]   Top man zig-zags to bottom place, changing left-hand with 2nd lady, right-hand 

      with 3rd man, left-hand with 4th lady (and then rests for two bars)

      WHILE top lady waits for two bars and then zig-zags to bottom place, changing

      right-hand with 2nd man, left-hand with 3rd lady, right-hand with 4th man.


Odds And Evens   

longways 4 (unisex) couples 32 bar reel plus 32 bar jig

[]   In facing 4s, evens chain (i.e. Ladies Chain led by present “evens”)

[]   Do-si-do person opposite; Odds cast one place counter-clockwise

      WHILE evens star right halfway to end in place diagonally opposite.

[]   Two-hand turn person opposite once-and-a-half; All turn single

[]   Hold hands in lines of 4: centres fall back as end curl in;

      Foursomes circle left, ending in longways set across the room

Repeat all (in jig time) from this new orientation.


Patron’s Tribute

circle of square sets            48 bar reel

[]   In own squares: Circles lead in, fall back; Balance, promenade partner one place

[]   Couples in Head positions face out (to next square) for interlocking reels of 3

      couples (in promenade hold)

[]   Repeat A1

[]   Repeat A2

[]   In own squares: Four ladies right-hand star chain (and back again)

[]   Couples in Head positions half-right-and-left with right-hand Side couple;

    Then (from Side positions) half-right-and-left across WHILE new Heads face 

     out (to next square) for half-right-and-left with facing couple


Quick Brew 

longways 3 couples (1s improper)            32 bar jig

variation on Rod Linnell’s “Witch’s Brew”

[]   Top 2 couples star right; Top ladies cross, top 2 couples star left ¾

[]   All six circle right

[]   Bottom neighbours balance and swing

[]   Top 4 two changes of right-and-left WHILE bottom couple right-hand turn;

      Bottom 4 two changes of right-and-left WHILE top couple right-hand turn


Rochford Ramblers     

longways 4 couples (2s & 4s improper)            32 bar rant

variation on Peggy Hazell’s “Fool’s Progress”

[]   In lines, advance and retire; Then in foursomes (at ends), circle left, opening into lines of 4 across, with original end couples in the centre of the lines

[]   With couple facing, Ladies’ Chain (full)

[]   Do-si-do person opposite; Then men cast one place counter-clockwise

      WHILE ladies star right halfway to end in diagonally opposite position

[]   Lines forward and back, ends curling in to reform lines up and down;

      Two-hand turn person opposite


Scott Skinner  

longways 5 couples 16 bar strathspey


[]   Lead up and back; 1st couple cast down one place WHILE 3rd couple do same, then bottom couple cast up one place WHILE 4th couple (in middle place) do same.

NB: 2nd couple do NOT move up to top place but others move down when appropriate.

[]   3rd couple (in bottom place) cast up to the top and right-hand turn WHILE others do “capstan” figure in fours.

SECOND FIGURE same but start with sidings (“Sharp” version).

THIRD FIGURE same but start with arm-right.

FOURTH FIGURE same but start with arm-left.

FIFTH FIGURE same but start with two-hand turn.

“Capstan” figure:

Turn partner halfway with right-hand, then join with other couple for right-hand star halfway, then turn partner with right-hand (full turn).


Sleepers, Dance  

longways 3 couples 16 bar “Sleepers, Wake” (J.S.Bach)

[]   Middle couple, followed by bottom couple, lead up through top couple and cast down

[]   New middle couple, followed by top couple, lead down through bottom couple and cast up

[]   Right-hand turn with partner

[]   Those who can, left-hand turn with dancer on the left diagonal

[]   Those who can, right-hand turn with dancer on the right diagonal

[]   Gypsy with partner, fall back and honour


Trip To The Railway Institute   

longways duple improper            32 bar jig

[]   Circle left ¾, all set; Pothooks across  

[]   Fall back (with partner), Right & Left ¾ starting with contrary

[]   Left-hand turn with partner; Right-hand turn with neighbour

[]   Left-hand turn partner into Ladies’ Chain half-way; Star through, pass through


Men do-si-do but fall straight back WHILE Ladies do-si-do left shoulder (starting just after the men) and fall straight back inside the men’s track. 

Couples have changed places with their partners


Triple Masquerade    

longways 3 couples (2s improper) 48 bar medley

variation on “Swedish Masquerade”


Lead up four steps, cast down to invert the set;

Lead down four steps, cast up to original places


Cross-hand set-and-chain four places,

start with bottom couple facing partner and others facing neighbour.


Balance and swing the next person (couple at bottom with partner, others with

 neighbour); All circle left and right

Finale (after 3rd time through)

In lines of three, fall back and come forward (twice);

Balance and swing with partner



Verbum Caro      

longways 3 couples (2s improper)            14 bar “verbum caro”


[6]   Grimstock Hey

[4]   Top four star right half-way;  Bottom four star left half-way

[4]   Step and honour right and left;  Two-hand turn


[6]   Grand Chain (bottom couple start right-hand with partner, others start right-hand with neighbour)

[8]   as above


[6]   Three-couple Right & Left

[8]   as above


[6]   Circle left, forward & back, circle right

Three-couple Right & Left:

A variant on the Grand Chain 

When crossing with the right hand, all dancers cross with the dancer opposite.

When crossing with the left-hand, dancers in second long corner positions (original positions of 1st lady and 3rd man) cross on that long diagonal and others cross with their neighbour up or down the set. 

Six changes returns dancers to place.


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