hullbridge; ontario swing; rayleigh scattering; clover hill; walmington watch; 
lizy-sur-ourcq; orsett village dance; bonn square; ardrossan; kiritimati; 
shotgate horseshoe; galleywood


Ardrossan (Wink & Shove)          

longways 5 couples 32 bar jig

[]   Couples march up, turn individually, march back to place

[]   Two-hand gallop up and back

[]   Top couple weave to bottom, start by going between 2nd couple (with a wink),

      behind 3rd (with a shove), between 4th (wink) and behind 5th (shove)

[]   All swing

Bonn Square      

square set            48 bar jig

[]   Head couples turn partners with right hand 1½;

     Head ladies full left-hand turn WHILE Head men chase clockwise halfway

     (Heads are now improper with original opposite) 

[]   Four men dance Rights & Lefts (4 changes – start on diagonal across the set)

[]   Four ladies dance Rights & Lefts

[]   Side couples dance first figure (A1)

[]   Men star left halfway, passing partner to gather next lady for star-promenade

      halfway (Men end in place ¼ way clockwise from where they began the dance and

      ladies end in opposite places)

[]   All to centre and back;  Set keft & right, turn single left



Clover Hill    

longways becket  32 bar reel

1st couples are on men’s file

[]   Swing; In fours, circle left 1¼ to line of 4 (1s between 2s)

[]   Lead down, 1s twist to face up WHILE 2s join hands behind them (coach & horses);

      Lead up, 2s arch over 1s (clover)

[]   Releasing hold with Contrary, California twirl with Partner, four circle  left halfway; 

      Do-si-do Contrary to ocean wave

[]   Balance, extend (progression); Balance new wave, half right-hand turn, 

      Men pass giving left hands

[Finale]  Extra 4 bars for Swing



horseshoe 5 couples 32 bar jig

[]   1st couple advance for three-handed stars (1st Lady right-hand with 2s; 1st Man 

      left-hand with 5s); 1st couple then swing down centre to end between other two 

      couples, facing up WHILE 2nd & 5th couples curl across set to change places

      (curl in the direction flowing from the stars, 2nd couple curling outside*)

[]   Three-handed stars at bottom of set  (1st Lady right-hand with 4s; 1st Man left-

       hand with 3s); 1st couple swing up to top and face up (proper) WHILE 3rd & 4th

       couples curl across set (4th couple curling outside*)

[]   All facing up and taking promenade hold with person beside them (two of these pairs

      will be improper), double cast to left to bottom where 1st couple make arch for

       others to dance through and up

[]   Top pair with each other, and other dancers with neighbour on side line balance &


*In the “curl”, if the leading dancer is a Man, this couple go round the outside of the other couple where the Lady is leading.


lines of four            32 bar waltz
Begin in lines Man-Lady-Lady-Man
[]   Reel of four half-way, start by passing partner left shoulder
[] []   Gypsy poussette
[]   Do-si-do;  holding both hands with partner, slide to man’s left into new line of four
       (now Lady-Man-Lady-Man)
Gypsy Poussette: 
(4 bars)   All dance 1 step to right & ¼ right turn to face up/down,
                 all dance 1 step to left (BtoB with partners) & ¼ right turn               
(4 bars)   All dance 1 step to right (Middle dancers BtoB facing partners) & ¼ right
                 turn to face down/up,
                  all dance 1 step to left (BtoB with ptnrs)     
(4 bars)   All cast to right & dance back to the opposite place
(4 bars)   All ¾ turn partners 2H into a line across (as start but having changed

                places with partner)  


longways 6 couples 32 bar reel

[]   Top couple lead to bottom;

      End couples (2nd at top & 1st at bottom) cast in one place,

      all right-hand turn halfway

[]   Bottom couple lead to top; 

      End couples cast in one place, all right-hand turn halfway

[]   In fours, star right & left

[]   Chase counter-clockwise halfway;   Set & cross over



longways 3 couples 32 bar jig

variation on “Bideford Pushover”

[]   In promenade hold, cast to left, and back to place

[]   Top two Men dance up and round to right to weave down Ladies’ line and  up Men’s

      side to 2nd & 3rd places (3rd Man moves up to top)

[]   Bottom two Ladies dance down and round to right to weave up Men’s line and down

      Ladies’ side to 2nd & 1st places (1st Lady moves down to bottom)

       [All now opposite new Partner]

[]   Do-si-do; Swing



Ontario Swing    

square set            48 bar reel

[]   Head Ladies Chain halfway; 

      Same couples Star Through & Circle left halfway and chase to home

[]   Head couples move to Man’s Corner Lady (Man leading) for three-handed star (left);

      then across (Man leading) to Lady’s Corner for three-handed star (right)

[]   Head couples move to Man’s Corner Lady for tandem reel with (both)  Corners,

      starting by passing left shoulder,  end in wave with those Corners (Head Couples 

       holding left hands)

[]   Balance the wave, right-hand turn half-way; 

      Balance the wave, turn Corner right-hand (full turn – this is new Partner)

[]   Face new Partner for Grand Chain half-way;  Do-si-do

[]   Promenade to Men’s Home positions;  Swing

Sequence  Heads lead twice;  Sides lead twice


Orsett Village Dance

longways 3 couples 32 bar polka

variation on “Eastbourne Grove”

[]   1st Man passes his partner by the right and chases clockwise down behind Ladies and

      up Men’s side to place WHILE 2nd Man waits two bars and then passes his partner

      by the right and follows the 1st Man home WHILE 3rd Man waits four bars and then

      passes his partner by the right and follows the 2nd Man home

[]   Ladies do likewise, passing partners by the left and chasing counter-clockwise.

[]   Top couple strip-the-willow (start with left-arm turn)

[]   Swing


Rayleigh Scattering            

circle 3 couples            32 bar reel

[]   Ladies cast behind Corner and into centre for right-hand star,

       then turn Partner into centre with left-hand half-turn

[]   Men star right, then dance around Corner (counter-clockwise) to place

[]   Ladies Chain twice (progression)

[]   All to centre and back;  Swing


Shotgate Horseshoe 

longways 3 couples 48 bar polka

[]   Lines advance & retire;  Cross over with Partner

[]   Do-si-do;  Set and turn single

[]   Horseshoe Reel

[]   1st Man & 2nd Lady right-hand turn halfway, then their Partners join for right hand star 1¼

[]   1st Lady (in 2nd place) & 3rd Man left-hand turn halfway, 

      then their Partners join for left hand star 1¼

[]   See-saw; Swing

Horseshoe Reel:

Top Man starts with 2nd Man; Top Lady starts with 2nd Lady; 3rd couple start with Partner:  change places (right hand)

Continue as in Grand Chain but dancers at top turn instead of crossing (so forming “horseshoe” shape in this reel).

Finish when all dancers back in their home positions.

See-saw:  Do-si-do but start by passing on the left.


Walmington Watch     

longways 3 couples 40 bar march

[]   Lines advance, kiss Partner (just a peck!), pass through, chase clockwise halfway

[]   Do-si-do;  Swing

[]   Dip & Dive

[]   Lines fallback, then middle couple advance & face down for three-handed stars

[]   Middle couple lead down and cast up to top WHILE others follow (coming out from stars), all salute


phew; failte; bettina's waltz; michael turner's waltz; mid yell voe; twinkle; champion chase; essex farriers; jim jam jump; la girandole; fegy dick; alessandrian schottische

18-12 VIDEO

Alessandrian Schottische  

based on “Kavajat Schottische”

longways 5 couples 32 bar schottische

[]   Lead up two steps, men step on spot while ladies dance counter-clockwise around partner;

      Ladies slide away from partner and clap and return; two-hand turn partner half-way

[]   Lead down two steps, ladies step on spot while men dance clockwise around partner;

     Men slide away and clap and return; two-hand turn partner half-way

[]   Two-hand hold: slide down, turn individually, slide down, then roll 1½ to face;

      Repeat, moving up

[]   Top couple cross (give right hand), weave down opposite line (giving hands); all swing



Bettina’s Waltz  

longways 4 couples 48 bar waltz

[]   Step-set, turn single; Right-hand turn

[]   Double-figure-eights

     (start 1s crossing down as 2s cast up & 3s crossing down as 4s cast up)

[]   Spurtle …

[]  ---; all two-hand turn 1½

[]   Four-couple Rights & Lefts

[]   ---

Spurtle:  A series of half-heys across, 1s moving down to next couple with right-hand turns. All half-heys start with opposite-sex dancer; 1s end in 4th place improper

Four-couple Rights & Lefts:  Right-hand cross on right diagonal (“neutrals” begin long cast up/down side line); Left-hand cross on sideline IF in 2nd or 3rd place (“neutrals” continue long cast OR cross over set at end).  Repeat thrice. 


Champion Chase    

longways duple improper            32 bar hornpipe

[]   1st lady cast down as far as possible followed by her partner;  1st lady returns up the centre to place followed by her partner

[]   2s same casting up to start

[]   1s lead down and up;  2s lead up and down

[]   Right and Lefts ¾;  Do-si-do

vary A1/A2 so lady follows man OR 1s start up & 2s start down – in B1 as well



Essex Farriers   

longwise 3 couples 32 bar strathspey

[]   1st man & 2nd lady cross right-hands, 1st man & 3rd man cross left-hands;  1st lady similar starting left-hand

[]   Horseshoe reel (8 changes)

[]   Top four right-hands across;  bottom four left-hands across

[]   Lines set, cross right-hands;  Lines set, cross left-hands

Horseshoe reel: pass as in grand chain (without hands) except across 1st place



longways 3 couples 32 bar reel

[]   2nd couple half-figure-eight down;  morris hey ½

[]   Same again

[]   Lines go forward and back;  Two-hand turn partners

[]   1st couple cast one place and lead up and cast again to middle

     WHILE 2nd couple lead up and cast to bottom 
      WHILE 3rd couple wait and lead to top


Fegy Dick   

longways 4 couples 32 bar american reel

[]   1st man weaves down ladies’ line (going outside-inside-inside-outside)

      WHILE 4th man weaves up ladies’ line (going outside-outside-inside-outside)

[]   1st & 4th ladies same along men’s line

[]   Top four star right WHILE bottom four star left; 

      middle neighbours lead to men’s wall and back

[]   Bottom 3 couples hey ½ (start passing right shoulder at bottom); 

      top 3 couples hey ½ (start passing right shoulder at top)


Jim Jam Jump
longways 3 couples 32 bar polka
[]   Men weave down ladies’ line and cast home
[]   Ladies weave down men’s line, cast home
[]   All lead up 4 steps, all jump back except bottom couple who continue up the outside
      to top place and then start a snowball grand chain
[]   finish snowball grand chain;  all swing

La Girandole  

longways duple proper  32 bar american reel

[]   1s half-figure-eight down and move to line of four between 2s; 

      lead down, turn as couples with neighbour

[]   Lead up, bend the line;  2s half-figure-eight up

[]   Do-si-do;  two-hand turn 1½

[]   Girandole:

      1s+2s join hands & set, 1st lady & 2nd man ¾ turn right-hand as their partners cast

       up/down; star right ¾ & turn partner (right-hand) to own sides


Michael Turner’s Waltz    

longways 3 couples 32 bar waltz

[]   1st couple pass right shoulder to start half-hey with 2nd lady; then same with 2nd man

[]   .. then 3rd lady;  then 3rd man (1s end in 3rd place proper)

[]   1s & 3s (at bottom of set) half Right & Left;  1s & 2s same

[]   1s & 2s ½ poussette (clockwise); 1s & 3s same (counter-clockwise)


Mid Yell Voe  

longways 4 couples (2s & 4s improper)            48 bar waltz

[]   Bomb-burst, california twirl;   Lead in, middle couples arch out to end as end couples pop through

[]   New middle couples circle left;  In pairs along lines of four, tag the line and turn single out

[]   Double poussette ½ clockwise, two-hand turn ½

[]   Repeat

[]   Top two couples half-Right-and-Left;  Middle couples same

[]   Lines fall back, come forward;  do-si-do

Bomb-burst: end couples lead up or down as middles lead neighbour out

Tag The Line: pass two people, passing right shoulders

Double Poussette: working in fours, move out, switch partners and move up/down, switch to partner to move in 




longways 4 couples (1s & 3s improper)            32 bar jig

[]   Quadruple Figure Eight

[]   Top 2 couples lead down and ½ mini-cast up WHILE bottom 2 couples move up outside

      and ½ mini-cast down;  With opposite couple, Ladies’ Chain halfway

[]  On right diagonal, Right-and-Left halfway;  Right-and-Left across halfway

[]   Ladies’ Chain across halfway; 

      set, cross (end couples with california twirl, others with florida twirl)

Quadruple Figure Eight: 1s & 3s dance around 2nd couple positions (1s cross down as 3s cast up) WHILE 2s & 4s do same around 3rd couple positions


longways 3 couples 48 bar reel

[]   twinkle, right-hand turn ½; do-si-do

[]   reverse twinkle, left-hand turn ½; seesaw (do-si-do left shoulder)

[]   Cascade (4 moves)

[]   New top couple strip-the-willow

[]   New top couple lead to bottom and form arch WHILE others follow and cast up

[]   New top couple gallop to bottom; all swing

Cascade: Top couple gallop down and others move up (so 1st couple go down twice to end at bottom)

Twinkle: (from “Salty Dog Rag”) Right foot: heel & toe; Left foot: heel & toe; Pigeon toe; stamp right foot


Reverse Twinkle: start Left foot (and stamp left foot)


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