arithmancy; gone to pot; slytherin; hufflepuff; gringotts; ravenclaw; gryffindor;
laiks of azkaban; march of the muggles; sorting hat; weasley magic; whomping willow;
spider gravy



longways 3 couples (2nd couple improper)                      32 bar waltz

[]   Set, turn single;  begin Figure-Of-Eight-Chain

[]   … complete Figure-Of-Eight-Chain

[]   Balance forward & back, Hole-in-the-wall crossing; 

            begin Double-Chain-Progression

[]   … complete Double-Chain-Progression


Gone To Pot  

longways duple (2s improper)            32 bar jig

[]   Star left and right

[]   Double pothooks:

      Men pass right shoulder and fall straight back WHILE ladies pass left

      shoulder (when possible) and fall back “inside” men’s track (couples have

       changed places);

      Then repeat to place, starting with men passing left shoulder

[]   Taking hands in circle of four, balance in and out and then circle left (slip-step);

       Repeat to right

[]  Three changes of a circular hey (no hands); Right-hand turn with neighbour (NOT new neighbour).



contra cross formation                 32 bar reel

[]   Allemande left with Corner (Opposite in Duple sets);  Swing partner

[]   Duples Ladies’ Chain WHILE Squares Ladies’ Star Chain

[]   Set to centre of current duple/square, petronella one place; Repeat

[]   Do-si-do partner;  Star-through with partner and pass through



longways duple improper            32 bar jig

[]   Right-hand star; Men cross right-shoulder, Ladies same

[]   Left-hand star; Men cross left-shoulder (stay facing out), Ladies same

[]   Lead out with Contrary, turn (individually) and lead back; Do-si-do Partner

[]   Progressive Right & Left :  Partners hold right-hands, Balance forward and back, 

     change places, turn Contrary all the way with left-hand, face Partner to start two

     changes of Right-And-Left


square set            48 bar reel
[] []   Grand Triangle
[]   Heads pass through, then cast to Side places as Sides move forward and square
      through three-quarters
      (all dancers are now facing their original corner person – their new partner)
[]   Gypsy melt, ending in lines of four facing across
[]   Lines go forward and back;
      then forward and cross (passing opposite person by the right shoulder)
[]   Promenade (to men’s home positions)
Heads lead twice, then Sides lead twice
(When Sides lead, the lines will be across the room – although it actually doesn’t matter if they go the other way)
Grand Triangle:
This is a variation on the Grand Square.
Start by facing partner, and fall back to corner position.  Lead the corner person in to the centre (diagonally).  Fall back to place with partner.  Face partner and fall back to corner. [8 bars]
Repeat in reverse – i.e. start by moving forwards to meet partner.
Gypsy melt  Start with a gypsy figure and transform this into a swing.

Laiks Of Azkaban  

longways 3 couples (2s improper)            32 bar reel

[]   2nd couple half-figure-of-eight through 3rd couple;  then do this again (so they do

     complete figure-of-eight) but this time they are followed by 1st couple (same-sex

     dancer) to end (2) (1) 3

[]   1st couple (in middle place) half-figure-of-eight through couple at top; then do

      this again, followed by 3rd couple, to end (2) (3) (1)

[]   Four changes of a 3-couple right-and-left (see below)

[]   Circle all the way to the left and then one place more (all proper 1 3 2);

     1st couple cross and cast to 2nd place – all progressed 3 (1) 2

3-couple right-and-left:

When crossing by the right, all cross with person currently opposite;

When crossing by the left, those in second long corner positions cross diagonally while others cross with neighbour on the side lines

[second long corner positions = top place on ladies side and bottom place on men’s side]


March Of The Muggles    

big circle            32 bar march

[]   In allemande hold, march counter-clockwise and end with “jimp”

[]   Repeat A1

[]   With cross-hand hold, balance twice;  Do-si-do

[]   Gypsy;  move past current Partner to new Partner and swing.

“JIMP” Without releasing hands, the lady turns under, then the man turns under, then the lady turns under (the direction of these turns becomes obvious – if you end up tangled, it was the wrong way!  Hint: the lady begins by turning counter-clockwise under the man’s right arm)



longways 3 couples 32 bar reel

Active couple is the middle (2nd) couple

[]   Three-handed right-hand stars (middle lady with top couple, middle man with bottom

      couple); Then the middle couple do left-hand turn once-and-a-half

       WHILE the others chase clockwise half-way.

[]   Repeat A1 (middle man up, middle lady down) (end couples now in original places)

[]   Reels of three across the ends

      (middle lady up, middle man down – start by passing left shoulder)

[]   All circle left half-way; Then bottom four circle left half-way

     WHILE couple at top do two-hand turn halfway; all turn single



longways 4 couples (1s & 2s improper)            32 bar reel

[]   In fours, right-hand star;

      Same fours snake counter-clockwise to other end of set (see below)

[]   In fours, left-hand star Same fours snake clockwise to home positions

[]   Cast & Slither:

     Top two couples cast to bottom (invert) WHILE bottom couples slither (slide) to top

       Repeat Cast & Slither from new positions

[]   Repeat Cast & Slither from new positions

     Face partner:  all hiss and cross, passing right shoulder

Snakes:  These are led by 2nd man and 3rd man.  In single file, the four dancers in each star curl around the other dancers in the direction indicated. 


Sorting Hat  

four single lines of equal length   32 bar jig

outside lines face in; Inside lines face out

[]   Reels of four across the room

[]   On the right diagonal, set and pass; Those now on inside lines (facing in) do the same

[]   Long lines forward & back; 

     Do-si-do facing dancer (from facing line) and form lines across the room

[]   Lead up & fall back;  step-and-honour to right, then to left

NB:  On alternate turns, the passes in A2 are on the left diagonal.



SPIDERSpider Gravy 

longways duple improper (double progression)            32 bar jig

prompted by Greg McKenzie’s “Honey Run”

[]   Left-hand turn opposite person ¾ to a wavy line across the room, balance; 

     continue this left-hand turn another ¾ to long wavy line, balance.

[]   Ladies Chain halfway (men loop left to receive partner); promenade across the set

[]   With the couple on the right diagonal, Right-and-Left halfway; 

      Long lines go forward and back

[]   In these new fours, circle left three-quarters and balance;  swing partner


Weasley Magic 

longways 5 couples (2s & 4s improper)            48 bar jig

[]   Top man zig-zags to bottom place, starting right-hand with 2nd man

[]   Top lady zig-zags to bottom place, starting left hand with 2nd lady

[]   Dancers on lady’s file chase clockwise halfway  WHILE others advance & turn to face

      across;  Right-hand turn with opposite person

[]   New dancers on lady’s file chase clockwise halfway WHILE others advance & turn to

      face across; Right-hand turn with partner

[]   Top two couples right & left halfway; Original top couple do same with next couple

[]   Original top couple do same with next couple WHILE new top couple does same with

      couple below;  These two couples continue to do same with the next couple


Whomping Willow     

square set            48 bar reel

[]   Grand Square (Active couples start by leading in)

[]   Active couples pass-the-ocean, right-hand turn ½,

      (active) ladies turn half-way to form line of four that rotates …

[]   … 1½ times arching over standing couples (and whomp!!!).   

[]   Active couples go to couple on right and do-si-do the facing dancer;

     In sameaintaining original “Head” or “Side” status.

Sequence:  Heads lead;  Sides lead;  Heads lead;  Sides lead


madame vasnier; midsomer maggot; wilberforce; holmfirth circle; widford wonder; capodanno; prittlewell chase; cantiga minuet; nut wood gallop; wibblers apprentice; darlinghurst dash; medieval latin

Cantiga Minuet
longways duple improper 32 bar waltz
[]  1st man & 2nd lady right-hand turn, then half-figure-eight across
[]  1st lady & 2nd man same
[]  balance the ring, petronella; repeat
[]  men cross by the left, two-hand turn partner counter-clockwise, 
     ladies pass by the left as men turn to face next couple    


square set

48 bar jig

[]   Circle left, pivot turn  chase anti-clockwise, stay facing that way

[]   Slide in & clap,  slide out & turn to face in to form circle

[]   1st couple wring out the dishrag

[]   Right-hand turn,  Corner Left-hand turn

[]   Grand Chain


[]   ---  Swing


Darlinghurst Dash

Longways set – many couples

32 bar polka (or hornpipe)

[]   lead up marching;  fall back (no turning round)

[]   gallop up & back

[]   right-hand turn; left-hand turn


[]   top couple go down centre to bottom under arches made by other couples

Holmfirth Circle    

variation on Holmfirth Square (Eileen Keys)

to tune of “Last of the Summer Wine” (Ronnie Hazelhurst)

circle 3 couples            24 bar waltz

[]   In circle, all balance forward & back twice;

      1st couple arch over others, going anti-clockwise around the set

[]   1st couple separate & go to nearer “side” couple for hey,

       start by going between that couple;

       all turn partner right-hand, corner left-hand

[]   Grand Chain to home and two-hand turn

Sequence: couples lead in turn, but are not numbered 1st 2nd & 3rd:

   they are Foggy & Edie; Clegg & Marina; Compo & Nora

Madame Vasnier 

Longways set for four couples (3s & 4s improper)         4x40 bar american reel

[12]   Middle neighbours dance swan-hey with end couples (begin moving to left to pass end lady by the right shoulder);  Lines go forward & back

[12]    Middles dance half-figure eight through nearer end (NB: middles are now dancing with own partners); In fours at both ends, Ladies’ Chain across & back

[8]   Middle couples poussette half-way (clockwise);

        In fours at both ends, poussette half-way (counter-clockwise)

[8]   Middle couples lead through nearer end and cast back in;
        Middles twohandturn neighbour WHILE ends two-hand turn partner


This is similar to a dolphin hey, but the dancing couples stay side by side.  Thus the man begins with lady on his right, they turn individually after passing the end lady and continue hey with lady now on man’s left, then turn again after passing end lady second time to end where they started on the side lines.  The end couple dance as in an ordinary hey for three.


Medieval Latin 

Circle – 3 couples

24 bar march

[]   Holding right hands with partner, balance forward & back; then man crosses in front of partner (without turning round) to begin ‘turkish towel’

[]   Rang-Tang


[]   With Corner, promenade (6 bars); ladies spin counter-clockwise

Midsomer Maggot   

longways 3 couples             32 bar waltz

[]   Top two ladies do assisted figure eights, i.e. left-hand turn man below their partner then right-hand turn parner to place.

[]   Bottom two men do same, starting with lady above their partner

[]   All who can cross on left diagonal; all who can cross on right diagonal; all pass opposite by left shoulder; all who can cross on right diagonal

[]   Top couple cast to second place; all cross as in hole-in-the-wall

Simplified version: begin with unassisted figure-eights then

[]  top couple cross (right hands), cast to middle, cross (left hands), cast to bottom



[]  do-si-do partner; two-hand turn


Nut Wood Gallop

longways set 4 couples

32 bar jig

[]   1st couple cast to bottom & lead up WHILE bottom couple lead up & cast to bottom

[]   Middle couples lead through nearer end and cast back and star right

[]   At both ends, star left and shuttle to change places

[]   Middle couple shuttle;  all swing


Prittlewell Chase

longways 3 couples (2s improper)

32 bar jig

[]   Top 2 couples chase clockwise to change places, bottom 2 couples do the same ccw

[]   Star right at the top, then star left at the bottom

[]   Repeat first figure from new places


[]   hey along start tops passing neighbour by the right


Wibblers Apprentice

square set – 5 couples

32 bar polka

[]   5th couple separate to nearer side couple for 3-hand star right, then left-hand turn 11/4

[]   Stars with heads, then left-hand turn to promenade hold facing 2nd couple

[]   Promenade progressions (start 5s & 2s, men passing by left shoulder)


[]   See-saw;  reverse-border-swing

Widford Wonder        

4-couple becket  40 bar jig

[]   Ladies begin passing right shoulder to hey (for four) halfway and then loop to left and continue hey (for three) in next line OR chase clockwise halfway  WHILE men do full hey back to place and veer to right for …

[]   Gypsymeltdown the one you meet into square set

[]   Sides full Ladies Chain WHILE Heads half-Ladies Chain between

[]   Heads go to Side couple on their right, circle half-way to lines along; Forward & Back

[]   On right diagonal, half right & left; same across


longways 3 couples 32 bar reel

Active couple are 2s

[]   Top 2 couples: half-double-figure-eight (2s cross up as 1s cast down);

      Bottom 2 couples same (2s cross down as 1s cast up)

[]   Lines fall back, come forward; do-si-do

[]   On left diagonal, right-and-left halfway; On right diagonal same

[]   2s set & cast to bottom of set; all left-hand turn



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