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Wednesday 1st January 2020   OTFORD FDC New Year’s Dance began with ONE IS ONE & ALL ALONE (by Fried De Metz Herman), and continued with PILGRIMS PROGRESS (from the TRIFOLIA collection) with Anne playing for the dancers: a great start to the year.

riday 3rd January 2020   DANCE FOLKUS WOODBRIDGE: The organiser commented: Just wanted to say thank you- what a great evening's  dancing you organised last night. Very enjoyable - the audience ( and the band ) loved it!

 Thursday 9th January 2020  On an evening when there were 50-minute delays on the A12, we drove to Wivenhoe via Maldon, Goldhanger and many unlit villages along twisty zig-zagging roads and still arrived on time for TOUCHSTONE FDC.  The dancing began with YE OLDE SMACK (from the GALLIMAUFRY collection) and included the beautiful MENA’S MINUET written and played by Anne.

Wednesday 22
nd January 2020  Traffic delays en route to GRAND CEILIDH CLUB - but arrived in time to start with WASHINGTON QUICKSTEP.  Music came from RAT ON A STICK (back to their duo line-up, not sure if this is a permanent situation).  

Saturday 25th January 2020  First BURNS NIGHT of the season - on the actual 261st anniversary of the great Scottish bard.  A packed hall of reelers in GREAT HORMEAD began the reeling with STRIP THE WILLOW and ended with AULD LANG SYNE 150 minutes later.

Saturday 1st February 2020  Second BURNS NIGHT of the season - and my 8th time at Abbey Prep School in Woodbridge, Suffolk.  Many said it was one of the best - partly because of the excellent music from MANOR HOOSE CEILIDH BAND from the outset with GAY GORDONS.  Next year’s event is already being planned.

uesday 4th February 2020  Another visit to BILLERICAY FDC; the programme included YE OLDE SMACK (from the GALLIMAUFRY collection) andTRIP TO NETHERWYKE (from HAREWOOD HAZE).  We’ll be back there in May.

aturday 8th February 2020  Third BURNS NIGHT of the season found Anne and Sibby at the PELDON HIGHLAND FLING.  It was a great event, and the dancing began with an exuberant GAY GORDONS.  We have been asked to reserve ourselves for next year’s fling.

Thursday 13th February 2020  Valentine’s dance at DULWICH FDC included lingering melodies, flowers, chocolate, all wrapped in dances.  The cakes in the interval were also delicious!

Tuesday 18
th February 2020  WASHINGTON QUICKSTEP had the CHELMSFORD FOLK DANCERS up at the start of another great evening in Widford, Essex.  The WIDFORD ROUNDABOUT featured Anne with her composition “Lingwood”

Wednesday 19
th February 2020  GRAND CEILIDH CLUB with MANORCROFT and HAREWOOD.  Long delays on the A127 did not prevent us from arriving in good time. Dancing began with QUARNDON HILL and the interval spot included Anne’s arrangement of LONDONDERRY AIR.

Friday 21
st February 2020  CHELMSFORD CATHEDRAL was packed for the lunchtime concert with FLAUTISTA.  A varied programme included classical and traditional tunes AND ‘Highland Mist’ composed especially for the trio by Eric Withams.

aturday 22nd February 2020  COPDOCK HALL is a lovely venue.  Hannah chose it for her special birthday ceilidh, and also chose MANOR HOOSE CEILIDH BAND.  We chose to begin with GAY GORDONS.  All good choices.

Sunday 3rd March 2020 
”great evening and much enjoyed all round. It is always good to hear live music from Anne” (Marks Tey FDC)

Wednesday 11th March 2020  GRAND CEILIDH CLUB with RAT ON A STICK: another great evening at this excellent and friendly club.  Attendance was good despite current coronavirus cautions.  We began with HAPPY CLAPPER - the mixer version.

Wednesday 20th
 March 2019  Anne augmented RAT ON A STICK for the NETHERWYKE JIG (from the forthcoming NETHERWYKE DANCES collection) at GRAND CEILIDH CLUB.

Saturday 23rd March 2019  COTTON REELS played for the OWLS BARN DANCE in SIDCUP - beginning with VIRGINIA REEL (included in Sibby’s FAVOURITES collection).

Saturday 30th March 2019  CHINGFORD FDC dance with FOREST BAND - augmented by ANNE for MENA’S MINUET (from the HAREWOOD HEIGHTS collection) et al.  Lesley and partner came; their first time at a folk dance.  Lesley says they intend to come to as many of my dance evenings as possible.

Tuesday 2nd April 2019  Lesley and partner came again - this time to BILLERICAY FDC where a gallant attempt was made at Ron Coxall’s PORTCULLIS.

riday 12th April 2019 2nd visit to LAINDON COMMUNITY CENTRE - this time with Anne - and a packed hall.  THREE AROUND THREE was much enjoyed, especially by those who opted for the renaissance-style turn.

ednesday 17th April 2019  First time for MANORCROFT at GRAND CEILIDH CLUB: the music was delightfully played and caused many feet to tp in anticipation for
BUTTERED PEAS (included in Sibby’s BARN DANCE collection).  Anne (half of Manorcroft) also starred in the interval spot as half of HAREWOOD and a beautiful original arrangement of SCARBOROUGH FAIR.
Wednesday 17
th April 2019  First time for MANORCROFT at GRAND CEILIDH CLUB: the music was delightfully played and caused many feet to tp in anticipation for BUTTERED PEAS (included in Sibby’s BARN DANCE collection).  Anne (half of Manorcroft) also starred in the interval spot as half of HAREWOOD and a beautiful original arrangement of SCARBOROUGH FAIR.

Saturday 27th April 2019 First time for HAREWOOD at ST ANDREWS FDC dance in Enfield: ROCHDALE COCONUT DANCE featured as a prelude. As the evening progressed, bunnies congregated across the stage (and some joined in the dancing!).  Message from organiser: Thanks for a delightful evening of music on Saturday evening.  It was great to have such a professional band. Everyone appreciated the chance to dance to a band with a different range of instruments.  It was lovely to  dance to some of your own compositions.  We all enjoyed the musical interludes.

Sunday 28
 April 2019  FLAUTISTA played as the star guests at the HIGHWOOD COMMUNITY CHOIR concert with jazz and pop selections including Kerenza’s arrangement of YOU RAISE ME UP.

Monday 29th April 2019  HAREWOOD HAZE (book 31 in the Palantir series) is published today.  It features original dances (by Anne & Sibby) to original tunes (composed and played by Anne & Harewood).  Some of these dances will be included in one of Sibby’s workshops at Broadstairs Folk Week in August.

Wednesday 1st May 2019  CARPE DIEM - an afternoon social gathering in Basildon - were seized by VIRGINIA REEL.

Thursday 2
nd May 2019  Dancers at TOUCHSTONE FDC enjoyed Roger Diggle’s
ROLL IN THE HEY at the start of an evening that also premiered NETHERWYKE BUBBLE (from the NETHERWYKE DANCES collection; with an original tune played by Anne on penny whistle).

day 4th May 2019  NETHERWYKE DANCES (book 32 in the Palantir series) is published today.  It features original dances (by Anne & Sibby) to original tunes (composed and played by Anne & Harewood).  Some of these dances will be included in one of Sibby’s workshops at Broadstairs Folk Week in August.

Saturday 11
th May 2019  12th year at SHOTGATE COMMUNITY HALL - always a great evening, especially with
SWEDISH MASQUERADE in the programme AND with Anne playing for PAVILION WALTZ.
Next year’s event is already booked - for 25th April.

ednesday 15th May 2019  On the 298th anniversary of the first day Britain had a Prime Minister,
LADY WALPOLE’S REEL started the evening at GRAND CEILIDH CLUB.  Music came from Musicmakers, with Anne joining Dennis & Christine for MIDNIGHT HAZE.

The CDSS (the American equivalent of EFDSS) has included two of Sibby's dances in an article published in May 2019 detailing the history and development of the 'Dolphin Hey'.  The dances are WINDHOVER (from the Inscape collection) and DOLPHINARIUM (from Nineteen to the Dozen).

The article is in the CDSS online journal https://www.cdss.org/programs/cdss-news-publications/cds-online

Saturday 1st June 2019  Pitsea Bowls Club enjoyed HAPPY CLAPPER (from the SAUSAGE CASSEROLE COLLECTION) and Anne’s delightful PAVILION WALTZ (from COBALT).  

uesday 4th June 2019  MARKS TEY FDC danced PUDDINGSTONE (from the TRIFOLIA collection) - which is appropriate as the nave at St Andrews Church (the club meets in the Church Hall) is partly constructed of puddingstone.

aturday 8th June 2019  The usual manic evening of reeling at GREAT HORMEAD - where there were many DASHING WHITE SERGEANTs!

ednesday 19th June 2019  The heavy rain did not deter the dancers at BANWOOD FDC - the regulars were there and several newcomers.  They loved Anne’s MEDLEY of Shaker’s Hymn/Early One Morning/Rochdale Coconut Dance/Rakes of Mallow - and the dance MEDDLING (first ever performance).

aturday 22nd June 2019  Multi-event party in BILLERICAY - 60th wedding anniversary and 90th birthday.  The inter-generational span made a barn dance the best entertainment for the evening - and ANNE & SIBBY began with VIRGINIA REEL.

uesday 25th June 2019  One negotiates the WIDFORD ROUNDABOUT en route to CHELMSFORD FOLK DANCERS - where one negotiated the WIDFORD ROUNDABOUT!

Friday 28th June 2019  Chelmsford Folk Dancers Midsummer Lawn Dance - at the Winder residence in Great Baddow - welcomed the warm weather and GERONTIOS (from the BOX SET collection).  CUTTY SARK (from the CLUB SANDWICH collection) was included in the programme to mark the 173rd anniversary of the patenting of the saxophone.

aturday 29
th June 2019  Return visit to Bawborough for the NORWICH FRIDAY FOLK SATURDAY DANCE. As ever, a high standard of dancing; and also a high standard of musicianship as Anne played for MENA’S MINUET.

Tuesday 2nd July 2019  BILLERICAY FDC made PILGRIMS PROGRESS (from the forthcoming TRIFOLIA collection) to music played by Anne.

Saturday 6th July 2019  Great evening at great notley for CiGN: cartwheels in CLOPTON BRIDGE; octogenarian Jennifer as a HAPPY CLAPPER; and mexican waves in MARCHING TO NETHERWYKE (with Anne on flute).

ednesday 10th July 2019  On this day in the year 1040, a long-haired beauty rode naked through the streets to force her husband, Earl Leofric, to reduce heavy taxation on the people of Coventry. On this day in 2019, dancers at the GRAND CEILIDH CLUB re-enacted the event (not nakedly!) in Hugh Rippon’s LADY GODIVA’S GALLOP.

TRIFOLIA - book 34 in the PALANTIR series published. 12 dances devised by Sibby with specific dance clubs in mind, all to original tunes by Anne.

Wednesday 24th July 2019  On the first full day for a new Prime Minister, the GRAND CEILIDH CLUB danced NEW PARLIAMENT HOUSE JIG (also known as Changing The Prime Minister) - a dance by John Colville from Australia.  MANORCROFT provided the music for dancing, with ANNE & KERENZA entertaining the assembly with wonderful flute duets during the nterval.

Thursday 25th July 2019  Party night at TOUCHSTONE FDC and the dancing stars danced the WIVENHOE STARS (included in the TRIFOLIA collection) to the tune ‘Runsell Green’  written & played by Anne.

Friday 26th July 2019  BECKENHAM FDC: always a great evening, with a high standard of dancing.  We started too soon (!) with AUGUST from the HAREWOOD HEIGHTS collection.

Saturday 27
th July 2019  Long session at Rawreth Village Hall for a family birthday party: barn dance from 2-5pm (inclding PAVILION WALTZ from the COBALT collection); DJ from 5-9pm with favourite tracks for new septuagenarian Glynis.

Saturday 3rd August 2019  16th visit to Brocken Hurst, Swanley for yet another great evening there. We began with VIRGINIA REEL (from the FAVOURITES collection), and later in the programme Anne thrilled all with her playing of the flute.  Next year’s event is already booked!

BROADSTAIRS FOLK WEEK August 10th to 13th 2019

Saturday morning: welcome dance with DAMPIER’S ROUND.  WASHINGTON QUICKSTEP was the first.

Saturday evening: anglo-scottish dance with DAMPIER’S ROUND - from JAMAICA to ST ANDREW’S FAIR.

Sunday’s midday workshop with NARROWLIFT featured favourite dances, such as Pat Shaw’s MARGARET’S WALTZ

Sunday’s afternoon workshop with DAMPIER’S ROUND consisted of dances to tunes associated with programmes or adverts on television - the GOGGLE BOX group from the BOX SET collection. It began with CUTTY SARK to the tune ‘Yakety Sax’ that was featured at the end of every Benny Hill Show.

Monday’s workshops were the Harewood Sessions, with Anne supported by Dampier’s Round.  The first one (HAREWOOD HAZE) included HAREWOOD FLIP; the second (NETHERWYKE DANCES) - more challenging - had everybody doing the HAREWOOD DODGE.  Festival Dance Director Madeleine described Anne as ‘brilliant’, and Dampier’s Round thought the tunes so excellent they intend to use them in workshops they run in Worcestershire.

Monday evening was in celebration of the BFW originator, Jack Hamilton.  Sibby and NARROWLIFT had horses dancing BARLEYLANDS (it’s on youtube somewhere).  One of many comments received said “wonderful calling .. thank you so very, very much for the fantastic Jack’s Night you did, your expertise in calling the right dances for such a special evening was wonderful, everyone said it was one of the best, the atmosphere was brilliant

The workshop on Tuesday with NARROWLIFT included the creation of a square dance sequence beginning with half a BUCKET OF WORMS!

Saturday 31st August 2019  ST OLAVE’S VILLAGE HALL for a special dance in remembrance of Freda McIntyre - and the programme included one of Freda’s favourite dances, HANDEL WITH CARE (by Gary Roodman).

Tuesday 3
rd September 2019  BILLERICAY FDC started in ZEALAND and ended in PORTSMOUTH via HAREWOOD.

Saturday 7
th September 2019  First visit to BURNHAM CONSTITUTIONAL CLUB for a barn dance in a marquee in a car park!  It was a great success, right from the start with VIRGINIA REEL.  The club plans to have a repeat next year, perhaps with a barbecue as well.

Sunday 8th September 2019  FLAUTISTA played an excellent set, beginning & ending with "English Country Garden".  The organiser said "Just wanted to thank you again for playing for us today, it was magical !  I know those attending the festival this afternoon had a real treat.  Thanks for your kindness & generosity, your Flautista enhanced our flower festival."
(Suzanne Gaywood, St John's Church, Danbury, Essex, September 2019)

Thursday 12th September 2019  Our first visit to DULWICH FDC in London included visits to PORTSMOUTH, TURKEYand WASHINGTON.  Anne’s playing was much admired, especially in MENA’S MINUET.

uesday 17th September 2019  Urgent phone call this afternoon: caller scheduled for tonight injured, so off we went to Widford for CHELMSFORD FOLK DANCERS.  We began with CLYWD (by Bill & Milly Chadband) and looked back to AUGUST (from HAREWOOD HEIGHTS - to the tune DANBURY PALACE written & played by Anne). Best wishes to David for a speedy recovery - by Saturday hopefully!

Saturday 21st September 2019  It was AUGUST in september at HAREWOOD HAPPENING with David; Eric conducted a trip on DALLAS ROUTE; Suzanne made all the dancers STEP STATELY; and Sibby travelled to PORTSMOUTH.

Saturday 28th September 2019  Another great harvest supper & dance at BLACK NOTLEY, starting with VIRGINIA REEL (one of our FAVOURITES) and featuring Anne playing HAREWOOD LANDLER.  Next year’s event is already booked for September 26th.

Saturday 19
th October 2019  First time for First Responders in Canvey, Essex - an evening for HAPPY CLAPPER in cowboy boots (and one dancer as a horse!)

Wednesday 23rd October 2019  HAREWOOD featured in a concert by FLAUTISTA & FRIENDS at the CRAMPHORN STUDIO in Chelmsford, Essex.  Their spot ended with SAILOR’S HORNPIPE, to loud applause and cheers.

Saturday 26
th October 2019  HALSTEAD WINE CIRCLE: another great evening - and Anne’s first time at this event; ST PAUL’S POLKA featured in the programme.

Wednesday 30
th October 2019  The dance of the house of GRYFFINDOR began the evening at GRAND CEILIDH CLUB in Prittlewell, Essex.  To conform with the requirements of J K Rowling’s publisher, this dance was not done commerically! Anne joined the MUSICMAKERS in the second half to lead on her tune for the DUDLEY DANCE.

Thuraday 31st October 2019  Anne was poorly, so was missed at TOUCHSTONE FDC - but not her music, as WIVENHOE STARS was danced to the netherwyke studio recording.  Good attendance this evening - best for several months, I was told.

Saturday 9th November 2019  SINGLES CONNECTION at Shotgate, Essex, counted loudly doing a mexican wave in MARCHING TO NETHERWYKE (a Sibby dance to Anne’s tunes published in NETHERWYKE DANCES).

Sunday 10
th November 2019  ANNE plays flute during Karl Jenkins’ Requiem at ST PAUL’S CHURCH, Danbury, Essex.  Feedback from the Director of Music: “Thanks again for the evening.  You were great”

Wednesday 13th November 2019  Good attendance at GRAND CEILIDH CLUB in Prittlewell, Essex; good music from USUAL SUSPECTS; and good dancing, with a programme that included CHURCHILL GARDENS (form the GALLIMAUFRY collection).  These gardens are a short walk from the GCC venue along East Street westwards.

Friday 15th November 2019  The 7th year for BASILDON RAMBLERS was special - Leslie proposed to Debbie during SWEDISH MASQUERADE.  Debbie accepted.

Saturday 16th November 2019  SIBBY & HAREWOOD (with guest musician Joe Parker) began the BILLERICAY FDC dance with WASHINGTON QUICKSTEP. Debbie & Leslie were there, celebrating 24 hours of engagement.

Tuesday 19
th November 2019  The WATER WITCH (by Fiona Birchall) featured in Sibby’s programme at CHELMSFORD FOLK DANCERS.  Anne played for MENA’S MINUET (from the HAREWOOD HEIGHTS collection).

Friday 23rd November 2018:  Sibby’s 6th event for BASILDON & DISTRICT RAMBLING CLUB with Anne included HAPPY CLAPPER from the SAUSAGE CASSEROLE collection.  When Anne & Sibby joined in stripping the willow, someone called us whirling dervishes!

Saturday 24th November 2018:  Farewell WIDE GLIDE BAND!  Their final booking at SAWBRIDGE ended with STOKE GOLDING COUNTRY DANCE and many best wishes for their various new ventures

Tuesday 27th November 2018:  Karen & Mike celebrated their ruby wedding at CHELMSFORD FOLK DANCERS.  Elizabeth made one of her wonderful cakes; and Anne played for WRITTLE RUBY - a new dance devised for K&M and included in Sibby’s HAREWOOD HEIGHTS collection.

Wednesday 28th November 2018:  RAT ON A STICK now perform as a two-piece; Mike & John play great music for GRAND CEILIDH CLUB. Sibby & Liz demonstrated ROSA and then incorporated a viennese waltz reverse turn in the final 8 bars.

sday 29th November 2018:  TOUCHSTONE FOLK DANCE CLUB enjoyed an evening of great variety, with Anne playing for Sibby’s RUNSELL GREEN - one from the forthcoming HAREWOOD HAZE collection.

Friday 30th November 2018: Anne’s flute trio, FLAUTISTA, performed the lunchtime concert to a packed audience at Chelmsford Cathedral.  The programme included a delightful arrangement of the Flower Duet from Delibes’ Lakme.  The composer Eric Withams was there and has offered to write a work especially for the trio.

Wednesday 4th December 2019  Long delay at QE2 bridge and long search for parking space at a crowded venue did not prevent Sibby from starting on time at BANWOOD FDC.  The programme contained some challenging moves and some old favourites (FANDANGO).  The return journey was less fraught, although again with delays on the approach to the Dartford crossing. 

Tuesday 17th December 2019   CHELMSFORD FOLK DANCERS Christmas Party began with LE NOEL PREMIER (from the SEASONAL SIBBY collection).  Val announced that all the callers at the New Year’s Eve dance will have to pay for their tickets!  As an honorary member, Sibby gets in free!!

Saturday 28
th December 2019  MR GANIFORD’S DELIGHT delighted dancers at ST ANDREWS in Enfield where HAREWOOD played for callers Anthony Oram & Anne Welch.  The dancers were also delighted by the growing avenue of bunnies that stretched across the front of the stage.  Several dances ended with the call “Honour the Rabbits”  

Tuesday 31
st December 2019  CHELMSFORD FOLK DANCERS New Year’s Eve dance featured songs, poems, raffle, quiz, HAREWOOD and dancing to MUSICMAKERS with 6 callers.  My contributions began with HAPPY CLAPPER (the mixer version).

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