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Saturday 3rd  KEN celebrated a special birthday at SHOTGATE.  SUZI worked the desk as the dancers galloped in DARLINGHURST DASH
Saturday 10th  Return visit to BROADSTAIRS BARNDANCE CLUB, again with THE TONIC.  Jonathan & Penny (the organisers) are taking a break in 2017, but we all hope they resume the sessions in 2018.  Tonight, the programme included the regally danced BARLEYLANDS.
Friday 16th  Over six hours to drive to Ripon in Yorkshire – delay caused by accident on M11 involving two lorries,  However, I arrived well in time to freshen up and change at the Barclay residence,  Then off we went to HIGHSIDE FDC in Grewelthorpe for an evening with the VILLAGE HOP BAND.  The session began (seasonally) with MONARCHICAL MEANDERINGS.
Saturday 17th  After a restful night, a visit to Fountains Abbey and then a ceilidh in Ripon with CHRISTMAS CRACKERS CEILIDH BAND.  The seasonal flavour continued with LE NOEL PREMIER.
Tuesday 27th  “Thank you and your daughter very much for another great evening of Great Hormead reeling … you are a super caller” is the message sent by Emma Roberts after – well, another great evening and one that began with DASHING WHITE SERGEANT

Tuesday 5th  The new year bookings began with a great evening at TOUCHSTONE FDC. Visitors from MARKS TEY FDC came too, and all enjoyed the DANCE OF THE FOUR APOSTLES.
Sunday 8th  My contributions at SUNDAY OCCASIONALS included BHETTY’S WALTZ
Friday 20th  Once more to FULBOURN – this time with WIDE GLIDE BAND: another great evening organised by Anne Rollings.  The dancers enjoyed the sway and roll in BARLEYLANDS.
Saturday 21st  Burns’ Night at Abbey Prep School in Woodbridge was celebrated with the inaugural performance of MANOR HOOSE CEILIDH BAND.  The venue is in Cumberland Street, so dancing began with CUMBERLAND REEL.
Tuesday 24th  Epiphanical wanderings occurred at BILLERICAY FDC when the evening began with MONARCHICAL MEANDERINGS.

Saturday 4th  WIDE GLIDE BAND at HISTON BAPTIST CHURCH – great evening in a lovely setting; the crowd loved SIBBY SAUSAGE DANCE.
Sunday 5th  CPRS completed a 23-minute sequence that included a new figure AND a new member in a 5-couple set.
Friday 10th  First time at WESTERN DANCE CENTRE social evening: Suzi was a big hit with the Indian Chieftain, as was the SEASIDE DANCE.  Return booking planned for May. 
Saturday 11th  The dozen at Daws Heath – 12th time at ST MICHAEL’S – was sold out (again!).  There was much fun in the regally danced BARLEYLANDS.
Saturday 18th  Resurgence of bookings for SOUTH ESSEX CARAVAN CLUB RALLY – and meeting again good and happy friends.  This time, the rally was held at Chelmer Valley High School and began with HAPPY CLAPPER
Wednesday 22nd  GRAND CEILIDH CLUB with CREEKSIDE CEILIDH BAND: another great evening, and one that included SWEDISH MASQUERADE

MARCH 2017
Wednesday 1st  My 17th time at BANWOOD FDC – and the high standard of dancing there continues, even in IVYDENE.
Thursday 2nd  At TOUCHSTONE FDC, the dancers did well BAG THE BISON
Sunday 5th  CPRS completed a 25-minute 5-couple sequence and performed CAJOLERY – a new square dance that includes a running set figure.
Tuesday 7th  First of two visits this month to BILLERICAY FDC and a gallant attempt at 119
Sunday 12th  My contributions at SUNDAY OCCASIONALS included GALLIMAUFRY
Saturday 18th  QUY VILLAGE ASSOCIATION with WIDE GLIDE BAND – an enthusiastic and energetic crowd, especially during the graceful BARLEYLANDS
Tuesday 21st  BILLERICAY FDC – and good to see Daphne Baker after her recent op. dancing gracefully in HOLMFIRTH CIRCLE.
Wednesday 22nd  GRAND CEILIDH CLUB with SLOW LORIS – and a nostalgic trip on the WEYMOUTH COACH
Saturday 25th  Jeff Armstrong bade farewell to his colleagues at MARKS HALL ACADEMY with SILVER KEY BARN DANCE BAND and the onomatopoeic LADY FREDA ZENA DEL PELIZE

APRIL 2017
Sunday 2nd  Five couples again at CPRS – with some 4-couple figures adapted appropriately, and with a first attempt at WALK & DODGE
Wednesday 12th  More manic reeling – this time in THRIPLOW – beginning with DASHING WHITE SERGEANT
Saturday 22nd  St George made an appearance at SHOTGATE, centuries after his (alleged) appearance at BARLEYLANDS
Saturday 29th  Third visit to FELSTED RBL (arranged by Essex Entertainment Agency) celebrated with baked potatoes and SIBBY SAUSAGE DANCE


JUNE 2017

NOW & THEN – book #26 in the Palantir series – published.

Saturday 3rd  Two birthdays celebrated at FOAKES HALL (Dunmow, Essex): Travis at 17 and grandma Rae at a homophonic age!  BARLEYLANDS was a big hit.  After the event, Rae sent a message: “Thanks Sibby for such a fun evening you made the party”  -- and somebody talented made the cake.  

Tuesday 6th  BILLERICAY FDC made a valiant attempt at PINE TREE WALTZ

Saturday 10th  BERDEN BASH with SILVER KEY BARN DANCE BAND and exhilarated dancers from the start with GALOPEDE

Thursday 15th  There was CAJOLERY at TOUCHSTONE FDC as we celebrated Lyn & Barry’s Golden Wedding.  Wonderful cake made by Elizabeth.

Saturday 24th  NORWICH FRIDAY FOLK SATURDAY DANCE – how confusing!  Yet they embarked on the CUTTY SARK with competent navigation.

Friday 30th June  GREAT WILBRAHAM with WIDE GLIDE BAND and a fundraiuser for the CBM charity: there was sausage in the barbecue and SIBBY SAUSAGE DANCE in the hall.


JULY 2017

COBALT – book #27 in the Palantir series – published

HAREWOOD COLLECTION – book #28 in the Palantir series - published

Sunday 2nd  Five-couple sequence at CPRS included TEXAS STAR

Sunday 9th  My contributions to SUNDAY OCCASIONALS included PINE TREE WALTZ.

Wednesday 12th  RAT ON A STICK at GRAND CEILIDH CLUB – with BARLEYLANDS on the programme and a visitor from Argentina.

Saturday 15th  PITSEA BOWLS CLUB danced the HAPPY CLAPPER with gusto.  Those not dancing scratched heads over a very long quiz sheet.


Saturday 22nd  Julia (aka dooliepops) transformed her garden into the Wild West for a Hoedown – and it began with the American version of an English version of an Irish dance: VIRGINIA REEL


Saturday 5th  14th time for the SUN SOCIETY, and another great evening started by the HAPPY CLAPPER.

Sunday 6th  Cadets Week at ESSEX YACHT CLUB began with CREEKSIDE CEILIDH BAND and included SIBBY SAUSAGE DANCE.

Tuesday 4th  BHETTY’S WALTZ was on the programme for CHELMSFORD FOLK DANCERS

Saturday 12th  Joey & Leigh had a lovely sunny day for their wedding in MERSEA, and SILVER KEY as the opening act after the speeches.  LADY FREDA ZENA DEL PELIZE made an appearance!


Monday 21st  LATTER-DAY LAIKS workshop sent prisoners to the LAIKS OF AZKABAN


Tuesday 22nd  MYSTERIES workshop looked forward to SEPTEMBER


Wednesday 23rd  FESTIVAL FARE workshop included BANWOOD REEL


Thursday 31st  The month ended at CRONDON PARK GOLF CLUB with SILVER KEY and SWEDISH MASQUERADE


Saturday 2nd  ST OLAVE’S in Norfolk for another great evening arranged by Freda McIntyre.  PRITTLEWELL SQUARE had them whirling around as in a fairground ride.

Sunday 3rd  CPRS session included BIG DIPPER

Monday 4th  250 teachers/governers/trustees of four schools gathered at ST CHRISTOPHER SCHOOL for a day of events.  We were there with VIRGINIA REEL. The next day came a message from the organiser: I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and Robbie for such an excellent session yesterday. We have had lots of positive feedback from the staff and everyone had fun and some much needed exercise after the holidays. I will definitely recommend you to others. Hopefully we can have you back for a fundraising dance in the New Year.

Sunday 10th  My contributions at SUNDAY OCCASIONALS included AUGUST

Saturday 23rd  BILLERICAY OPERATIC SOCIETY showed they can dance as well as sing, and they did both during the SIBBY SAUSAGE DANCE with music from SLOW LORIS.

Saturday 30th  Eighth time at BLACK NOTLEY for fantastic food and many a HAPPY CLAPPER



Sunday 1st  CPRS began the month with a lively set that included the GRAND STROLL

Saturday 7th  GRAFTY GREEN had WHIRLING SKIRMISH and CAJOLERY in Kent.  It was a great evening – many thanks to Margaret Browning.

Saturday 14th  13th time at ST MICHAEL’S DAWS HEATH – and sold out (well done organiser Ken Jones). BUTTERED BEANS on the menu!  Event 14 booked for 3rd March 2018.

Wednesday 18th  CREEKSIDE CEILIDH BAND at GRAND CEILIDH CLUB; the evening began with Anne & Sibby demonstrating CAPPADOCIA

Saturday 21st  1st time for TITCHMARSH FDC  at Rushden, Northants.  KELLY’S EYE played beautifully for NORWEGIAN FLOWER.

Saturday 28th  5th time for HALSTEAD WINE CIRCLE in the truncated Queen’s Hall (stage transformed into Council offices!).  No transformation in the populat BARLEYLANDS dance.

Tuesday 31st  Long delays on the A12 did not stop us getting (on time) to MARKS TEY FDC to celebrate Sylvia’s birthday (and hallowe’en).  The programme included the graceful CANTIGA MINUET



Friday 3rd  Return trip to TREETOPS SCHOOL in Grays, Essex:  HAPPY CLAPPER (from Sibby’s SAUSAGE CASSEROLE collection) began the evening; the raffle was novel with separate trays for every prize so tickets could be distributed to any or all of the choices; congratulations to Kay who organised the event. 

Saturday 4th  Melissa treated her Mum & Dad to ANNETHEBAND at GALLEYWOOD HERITAGE CENTRE. There was a GRAND CHAIN (from Sibby’s FAVOURITES collection) in the programme; and hog roast in the interval.

Sunday 5th  The final 2017 session for CPRS included OPEN TUNNEL

Tuesday 7th  BHETTY’S WALTZ (from Sibby’s FESTIVAL FARE collection) is a favourite at BILLERICAY FDC

Wednesday 8th  TAILORS TWIST at GRAND CEILIDH CLUB – a new (to me) band of Irish inclination but able to cope with English/American/Scottish tunes, including waltzes for BARLEYLANDS (from Sibby’s SAUSAGE CASSEROLE collection)

Saturday 11th  ANNETHEBAND at CHRIST CHURCH, Billericay.  The programme included KIBOSH (to celebrate Armistice Day – from Sibby’s BOX SET collection)

Friday 17th  COTTON REELS at UPMINSTER BAPTIST CHURCH – a packed hall sang I WANT TO BE NEAR YOU (from Sibby’s FAVOURITES collection).

Saturday 18th  Seventh time for Sibby with SINGLES CONNECTION in Shotgate – and first time for ANNETHEBAND.  A packed hall of dancers began with VIRGINIA REEL (featured in Sibby’s FAVOURITES collection).

Friday 24th  Fifth time for Sibby with BASILDON RAMBLERS in Billericay – and first time for ANNETHEBAND.  The dancers added panache to SWEDISH MASQUERADE (featured in Sibby’s BARN DANCE collection).

Saturday 25th  WIDE GLIDE BAND in SAWSTON VILLAGE COLLEGE – the band have been doing this event for more than 20 years!  I thought for a while it may take that long to get there as an overturned lorry closed the M11.  No closures on CLOPTON BRIDGE (featured in Sibby’s BARN DANCE collection).




Friday 1st Another great evening at BECKENHAM FDC – one that included COUNTLESS MOMENTS (from the MYSTERIES collection)


Wednesday 13th Another great club – my 18th visit to BANWOOD where the programme included BANWOOD REEL (from the FESTIVAL FARE collection)


Friday 15th ..and yet another club: HIGHSIDE in Littlethorpe, Yorkshire loved CANTIGA MINUET (from the MADAME VASNIER collection)


Saturday 16th .. still in Yorkshire for a ceilidh in Ripon with CHRISTMAS CRACKERS CEILIDH BAND; what a DING DONG (from the NOW & THEN collection)


Thursday 21st .. back to Essex for the TOUCHSTONE FDC party in Wivenhoe. Anne played flute and the dancers sang for MENUETT VON GRUBER (to be published in SEASONAL SIBBY sometime in 2018)


Sunday 31st My contributions to CHELMSFORD FOLK DANCERS New Year Dance included BUTTONHOLES (from the CLUB SANDWICH collection). The music came from MUSICMAKERS augmented by Anne on Flute & Recorder.

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