Auld Lang Syne

big circle march no progression

song collected by Robbie Burns

Hold hands in circle (without crossed arms) and sing 1st verse & chorus

Cross arms and sing 4th verse and move in & out during chorus

Sing chorus (faster) with rallentando at end.

Be My Valentine

becket longways 32 bar jig reverse progression

ted sannella

[]  Men left-hand turn to ocean wave, balance Swing partner

[]  Circle left Star right

[]  Ladies’ Chain

[]  Promenade (clockwise along whole set) Promenade back & move on one place

Father Connelly’s Jig

longwise set 4 couples 64 bar jig    
standard progression

john drewry 1990

Dance notation from minicrib website:

1-8 1s+2s Set&Rotate:-
' Set, rotate singly and dance on 1 place clockwise, change places RH on sides and dance on 1 place to own sides. 2134
9-16 1s dance ½ diagonal R&L with 1st corners while 2nd corners set and change places diagonally RH, 1s dance ½ RSh reels of 3 on opposite sides (1M up, 1L down). (2)(1)(3)4
17-24 1s dance ½ diagonal R&L with 3rd corner (pstn) while 2nd corners (pstn) set and change places diagonally, 1s dance ½ RSh reels of 3 on own sides (1M down, 1L up). 2134
25-32 1s dance reels of 3 across Lady with 2s and Man with 3s (LSh to 1st corner)
33-40 1s cross down between 3s, 1L casts up round 3M and 1M casts down round 4L, 1s change places LH in centre and cast to 3rd place own sides. 2314
41-56 3s+1s+4s (bottom 3 couples) repeat bars 9-24. 2314
57-64 All (or bottom 3 couples only) circle 8(6)Hands round and back. 1s step down to end 2341

I have adapted this to three-couple version danced to 32 bar jig:

[]  1s & 2s set & rotate  

(set, cast clockwise one place, cross with partner and chase clockwise one place)

[]  1s with 1st corners Right & Left (2 changes)

WHILE others set & cross giving right hands

Reel halfway along the lines

[]  Repeat with 3rd corners

[]  Circle left, 1s cast to bottom

Fivepenny Bit

square set 5 couples   32 bar reel   
clockwise progression

(thomas green)

Square set with extra couple (number 5) in centre, facing up.

Other couples numbered anti-clockwise.

[]  5s & 1s star right 5s & 3s same (or star left)

[]  5s separate for reels of 3 with nearer side couple

[]  5s & 1s set & cross (middle couple arch) 1s & 2s same

[]  2s & 3s same 3s & 4s same (4s now middle couple)

NB: If 1s star right both times, they do half-right turn in the centre before & after the second star.

NB: 1s begin the reels by dancing between the side couple and moving up.

DERBY variation (because it was danced this way when I called the dance there)

During the reels on the sides, the head couples do 4 changes of Rights & Lefts

Glover’s Reel (aka glovers reel)

longways duple improper  32 bar reel  
standard progression

’duke’ miller

[]  Do-si-do opposites; Partners right-hand turn then opposites left-hand turn

[]  Swing Partners

[]  1s lead down, up and cast

[]  Star right & left

Go George, I Can’t Endure You

longways 3 couples  32 bar hornpipe  
standard progression

collected by Julian Pilling in Rossendale, Lancs

[]  Men’s line chase around Ladies’ line clockwise (1-2-3-hop)

[]  Ladies’ line chase around Men’s line anti-clockwise

[]  1s cross & cast (walking step), then swing (pivot step)

[]  Top four Rights & Lefts, 1s face up and arch backwards over 3s

Variation fron Brian Scowcroft:

[]  Men’s line chase around Ladies’ line clockwise (1-2-3-hop)

[]  Ladies’ line chase around Men’s line anti-clockwise

[]  1s cross & cast (walking step), then swing

[]  Top four star right & left, 1s face up and arch backwards over 3s


sicilian circle   32 bar jig standard progression

john chapman

[]  Circle left & right

[]  Star right & left

[]  Partners clap (own, right, own, left)x2; Swing

[]  In open hold, go forward & back, then pass through

Iona Cross

square for 6 couples   32 bar medley  
unusual progression

john mitchell

notation from minicrib website:

5s face 1s and 6s face 3s. Dance 3 times Strathspey and 3 times Reel

1- 8 1s+5s+6s+3s dance parallel RSh reels of 4 up/down set
9-16 1s+5s and 6s+3s dance DoSiDo as 2s and 4s Adv&Ret, 1s+5s and 6s+3s dance ½ R&L (1s and 3s end facing side couples)
17-24 2s and facing couple (1L+3M) with 4s and facing couple (1M+3L) dance parallel RSh reels of 4 across set
25-32 Each centre dancer (1s and 3s) dances RH across with nearest 2 corner dancers, centre dancers dance LH across once round in centre as outside couples (5s+2s+6s+4s) circle 8H round (or chase) to left ¾ way (quickly) to new positions with 2s at top, 6s in 2nd place, 4s in 3rd place and 5s in 4th place

variation: in the progression (bars 29-32) outside couples chase to left ¼

Jefferson & Liberty

longways duple proper   32 bar reel   
standard progression

(rickey holden)

[]  Circle left & right

[]  Star right & left

[]  1s lead down and up & cast

[]  Rights & Lefts

Margaret’s Waltz

sicilian circle   32 bar waltz standard progression

pat shaw 1959

[]  Facing opposite couple, go forward & back; Turn opposite by right-hand

[]  Turn partner by left hand; Ladies’ Chain (halfway)

[]  With that person, slide diagonally right, then left (to pass other pair)

Turn back for right-hand star 3/4

[]  Do-si-do opposite person; With partner, dance on to next couple

The do-si-do may be omitted to allow 8-bar dance on

Quarndon Hill (aka - erroneously - as ‘Quorndon Hill’)

sicilian circle   48 bar jig standard progression

roger watson

[]  1s gallop through the 2s and back

[]  2s gallop through the 1s and back

[]  Star right & left

[]  Stamp 4 times and fall back; Repeat

[]  Arches (1s go under 2s and backwards over them and forwards under WHILE 2s do same mutatis mutandis)

[]  Swing partner

Stern Polka

circle   24 bar polka random progression

b.m.&t.edney 1995

[]  Swing (current) partner

[]  Promenade (men place left hands on shoulder of man in front)

[]  Men face in and clap WHILE Ladies continue around the outside

Clapping sequence: (knees, own hands, neighbours’ nearer hands, own hands up high) x4

Then Men turn to face whichever Lady is there as new partner

Final turn: extra swing at end

Strip the Willow

longways   standard progression

many variants

There are many variations on this dance, with sets ranging from 4 couples to 8 couples and with music as reel jig and slip jig (when it is known as ‘drops of brandy’)

The timing can be 32 bars, or 40 bars, or free rhythm.

The basic moves are:

1st couple swing (Scots call this a birl); then 1st lady turns each man in sequence but with turn of partner after each one (a ‘single’ strip)

Then 1st couple swing and 1st man does the single strip coming up the ladies’ line

Then 1st couple swing and dance double strip (both at the same time)

New 1st couple begins with swing


couple dance   64 bar jig

source unknown

[]  Highland fling; Border swing

[]  Repeat

[]  Holding right hands:

man drops to knee & guides lady to danceclockwise around him;

Man stands and couple balance forward & back and box the gnat

[]  Repeat

[]  Pass by right shoulder & clap,

pass back with 3 claps and one clap behind back;

Do-si-do with rolling of arms

[]  Repeat passing left shoulder to start and see-saw to finish

[]  Polka swing for six bars, twirl the lady

[]  Repeat

Thread the Needle

longways for 5 couples  32 bar reel   
standard progression

(joey oliver)

Hold hands along the lines with bottom couple also joining hands to make ‘horseshoe’

[] Men thread the needle (1st man leads everyone through arch made by top 2

 ladies and around the outside back to place;

top 2 ladies will finish with a twirl!)

[]  Ladies thread the needle

[]  Do-si-do; 1st couple gallop down to bottom of set

[]  Swing

Three to get Ready

longways duple improper  32 bar reel  
standard progression

ted sannella 1974

[] Star right & left

[]  1s lead down and up and cast

[]  Rights & Lefts

[]  Circle left; 1s swing

Trip to Bavaria

longways set for 4 couples   

32 bar reel standard progression

james macgregor-brown

notation from minicrib website

1- 4 1s and 4s cross RH while 2s+3s dance ½ RH across, 1s+3s and 2s+4s change places LH on sides
5- 16 Repeat 1-4 another 3 times (end couples cross RH, middle couples ½ RH across; couples in 1st+2nd place also 3rd+4th place change places LH) All finish in original places
17-24 1s set to 2s and cross over to face 3s, set and cross to face 4s
25-32 1s set to 4s and cross over to 4th place on opposite sides, all Adv&Ret 2 steps and 1s change places RH (2H popular) to retire to own sides. 2341

Turner’s Square

square set   32 bar reel  no progression

(john turner)

[]  1st Man turns 2nd Lady (right-hand); then 3rd Lady (left-hand)

[]  ..then 4th Lady (two-hand); all swing Partner

[]  Do-si-do Corner, then Partner

[]  Promenade


1st Man, 2nd Man, 3rd Man, 4th Man,

Head Men (simultaneously), Side Men, All Men

Wait Til The Sun Shines Nellie

square set   32 bar american reel
Corner progression

(northern junket)

<chorus> ad lib


[]  Ladies chase clockwise

[]  Right-hand turn Partner; Left-hand turn Corner

[]  Men star right; Swing Corner  (progression)

[]  Promenade to Men’s home places

sequence: chorus; figure twice; chorus; figure twice; chorus


DULWICH DIPPER (sibby 2019)

Square set – progression anti-clockwise

4x48 bar American reel (“Hopping Jack” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Ladies’ Star Chain

[]  Big Dipper*

[]  …complete Big Dipper to end in two columns

[]  Sides square through two; columns hey three moves

[]  Balance & swing partner into square

[]  Promenade three-quarters (progression); All forward & back in circle


Heads star-thru with opposites & fall back (under side arch) as Sides in & star-thru & fall back.  Repeat thrice (for Heads) with Sides ending before final fall back to form columns of four.


Hands Four (proper) – alternating progression

4x32 bar jig (“Twitty Fee” © Anne Skinner)


[]  Lead up a double and back twice

[]  1s half-pousette clockwise; 2s begin full pousette clockwise

[]  …2s complete pousette; 1s half-pousette clockwise

[]  1st Corners cross, 2nd Corners cross; All turn single & two-hand halfway

<2>  In-line sidings right & left etc

<3>  Arm right & left etc

<4>  Rights & Lefts etc

PUDDINGSTONE (sibby 2019)

Square set for threesomes (one man with two ladies)

PROGRESSION: Men clockwise; Ladies switch.

4x48 bar reel (“Cousteau Reel” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Head trios lead in, set, circle left halfway & fall back to triangle

(men on outside facing in, ladies facing out)

[]  Sides the same

[]  Wheelie-chain (start with right-hand star half-way)*

[]  …complete wheelie-chain

[]  In original threesomes, circle left until man is on outside, then balance the ring;

Hey half-way start man passes right-hand partner by the right.

[]  Men chase clockwise to next two ladies WHILE ladies do-si-do (in switched places);

All 12 circle left halfway

<seq>  Heads lead twice; Sides lead twice


Dance track of full GRAND CHAIN but with three-handed stars.  Man led by left-hand partner moves counter-clockwise WHILE his right-hand partner moves clockwise

WEASEL IN THE WOOD (sibby 2019)

Longways set for 3 couples. Standard progression.

3x32 bar reel (“Margaret Matthew” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Lines go forward & back;

End couples do-si-do 1¼ to centre-line

WHILE middle couple right-hand turn and fall back

[]  Weasel reel*

[]  End couples right-hand turn ¾ & set WHILE middle couple turn single left & set;

Top couple cast & form arch at bottom of set

WHILE others follow and pop up through arch

[]  … to progressed places; all swing

*Weasel reel:

This combines a half-reel of four along the centre line and a chase clockwise to other end of set.

All dancers finish this move where they started it.


Circle of 3 couples. Progression: men anti-clockwise; ladies clockwise.

3x64 bar jig (“Lingwood” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Left-hand turn with Corner; Right-hand turn with Partner

[]  Men star left; Right-hand turn Partner 1½

[]  Men dance Celtic Brooch*

[]  ,… complete figure; Right-hand turn Partner 1½

[]  Ladies dance Celtic Brooch*

[]  … complete figure; Right-hand turn Partner 1¾ (to home positions)

[]  Grand Chain (4 changes - progression)

[]  Ladies star right; Swing (new) Partner

*Celtic Brooch:

This is a 12-bar figure in which dancers finish where they started it. The dancers (all 3 men first time and all 3 ladies second time) are ‘outsiders’ while others are ‘insiders’.  Outsiders loop right past partner and next standing insider to end facing this second insider; they repeat the move from this position, again passing 2 insiders; then once more to end facing partners.

This move comes from the dance ‘The Celtic Brooch’ bu Hugh Foss (in which the Ladies dance the move first).  There are many variations on the basic figure:

1: Outsiders star right in centre

2: Insiders ‘follow’ their partners (like a 3-couple schiehallion reel)

3: Insiders face anti-clockwise & set then dance on one place

4: Insiders face in & go forward & back, then loop clockwise around present outsider, then forward & back

EGG WHISK (sibby 2019)

Longways Duple Diamond (proper). Standard progression

32 bar reels (“Hopping Jack Junior/Elm Tree Reel” © Anne Skinner)

Line up as standard longways duple proper, then each foursome moves clockwise so 1st man and 2nd lady (still called as 1st corners) are in centre positions with their partners (2nd corners) on the outside lines.

[]  Taking right hands across, balance the star and rotate half-way; egg-beater*

(neutrals beware - avoid getting whisked!)

[]  In original fours, 1st corners cross, then 2nd corners cross; Repeat

[]  Do-si-do partner;

with couple on same diagonal (from next diamond), half-reel of four

started by passing partner right shoulder

(neutrals change places with partner)

[]  Left-hand turn partner; set & turn single


 2nd corners right-hand turn WHILE 1st corners with person from next diamond left-hand turn

WIVENHOE STARS (sibby 2019)

4 couple longways (2s and 4s improper). Progression 1-2-4-3

32 bar reel (“Runsell Green” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Lines go forward & back; Do-si-do

[]  End couples two-hand turn WHILE middles double star through starting with neighbour*

In fours at both ends balance the ring and circle left halfway

[]  Reels of four along the lines (start passing right shoulder with neighbours at ends)

[]  In fours, star right & left

*Double Star Through:

 Star through with neighbour (man’s right hand to lady’s left hand),

then star through with partner (man’s left hand to lady’s right hand)

ST BARNABAS (sibby 2019)

4 couple longways.  Progression 1-3-4-2

32 bar jig (“St Clere” © Anne Skinner)

[]  All set, then those who can pass on the left diagonal by the right shoulder

and turn to face right; in lines of four, the middles dolphin along halfway

[]  Repeat from new positions

[]  In fours, circle left three-quarters and fall back; Do-si-do

[]  In same fours, rights & lefts

WOODBRIDGE (sibby 2019)

4 couple longways.  Progression 1-3-2-4

32 bar polka (“St Paul’s Polka” © Anne Skinner)

[]  1st man cross & cast to 2nd place in centre WHILE 1st lady dances half-figure-eight through twos to end at top of the set in centre (forming a diamond with 2nd couple) WHILE 3rd couple do same with 4th couple; The two dancers at top & bottom turn single left WHILE two at middle points of diamonds left-hand turn WHILE 2s & 4s right-hand turn partners (this is EGG-BEATER)

[]  The two end dancers, followed by partners, go anti-clockwise around other couyple in diamond to finish 2-1-3-4; Current end couples do-si-do WHILE 1st MIDDLE corners same.

[]  End couples see-saw WHILE 2nd MIDDLE corners same; From the top, cast to inveret the set

[]  Long lines go foreward & back; Partners two-hand turn

HAROLD HAREFOOT (sibby 2019)

Square set.  No progression

4x48 bar reel (“7 o’clock swing” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Heads meet & half-trade with opposite to face across WHILE sides right-hand turn 3/4 to face across, megapod hey across (i.e. dolphin heys with four pairs) started by actives passing sides left shoulder.

[]  ..complete hey; sides swing WHILE heads trade with opposite & fall back to place

[]  Grand Square (start with sides moving in

[]  Reverse

[]  Grand Chain halfway; Do-si-do

[]  Promenade home; Swing

<sequence> Heads lead; Sides lead; Heads lead; Sides lead

BROAD WALK (sibby 2019)

Progressive Quadrille.  Standard progression with switch

32 bar reel (“Bell Hill/”Blake’s Wood” © Anne Skinner)

[]  With opposite, do-si-do & two-hand turn 3/4 and face down

[]  Line of eight leads down; Tag the line

[]  Line leads up, in fours, bend the line into two circles; Balance twice

[]  In same circles, circle left; Swing and face new line

PILGRIMS’ WAY (sibby 2019)

Longways Duple Improper.  Standard progression

32 bar reel (“Here We Pyr-Go!/”Bluebell Stroll” © Anne Skinner)

[]  Balance the ring, petronella; Pass the ocean across, balance the wave

[]  Hey halfway (start passing partner right shoulder); Swing, end facing down

[]  Line of four leads down,turn as a couple; Lead up, bend the line

[]  Ladies’ Chain halfway; Star through with partner, pass opposite to progress

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